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Herbarium sheet records created by basilsmith.

+Lithospermum officinaleGB, VC33 East Gloucestershire, Stanway
GB, VC38 Warwickshire, Little Compton Cultivated
Douglas Montague HeathDouglas Montague Heath16/7/1948BIRM14/3/2009
+Galium borealeGB, VC66 County Durham, TeesdaleAugustin LeyAugustin Ley8/8/1878BIRM14/3/2009
+Nymphaea albaGB, VC29 Cambridgeshire, Wicken FenHenry Haselfoot Haines28/7/1887ABS14/3/2009
+Descurainia sophiaGB, VC27 East Norfolk, SheringhamCharles Edgar Salmon
Ernest Stanley Salmon
Charles Edgar Salmon22/6/1889ABS14/3/2009
+Geranium pyrenaicumGB, VC29 Cambridgeshire, Fleam DykeRichard Henry Yapp26/7/1898ABS14/3/2009
+Rubia peregrinaGB, VC41 Glamorganshire, Cold KnapMargaret E Nyblad4/9/1960ABS14/3/2009
+Wahlenbergia hederaceaGB, VC2 East Cornwall, WithielRichard Vercoe TellamGeorge Stephen West1872BIRM14/3/2009
+Asperula cynanchicaGB, VC60 West Lancashire, SilverdaleWilliam WestGeorge Stephen West
William West
+Trollius europaeusGB, VC64 Mid-west Yorkshire, GrassingtonWilliam WestGeorge Stephen West6/1904BIRM14/3/2009
+Viola hirtaGB, VC29 Cambridgeshire, Gog Magog HillsCharles Cardale BabingtonGeorge Stephen West
William West
+Ulex europaeusGB, VC9 Dorset, Burton BradstockJanet Hunt20/9/1959ABS15/3/2009
+Pilosella officinarumGB, VC90 Angus, CarnoustieWilliam Andrew ShoolbredBotanical Exchange Club of The British Isles
William Andrew Shoolbred
+Glyceria notataGB, VC9 Dorset, ArnePhilip Scarborough KingPhilip Scarborough King4/9/1883ABS15/3/2009
+Milium effusumGB, VC73 Kirkcudbrightshire, Fairgirth, Dalbeattie ForestM Hildred Bigwood7/1972ABS15/3/2009
+Sagina procumbensGB, VC4 North Devon, WoolacombeHenry Haselfoot Haines22/6/1887ABS15/3/2009
+Mespilus germanicaGB, VC14 East Sussex, AshburnhamJames Herbert Augustus JennerJames Herbert Augustus Jenner
William Hunt Painter
+Geranium pyrenaicumGB, VC1 West Cornwall, MarazionD A J Little18/10/1946ABS15/3/2009
+Euphorbia esulaGB, VC63 South-west Yorkshire, MirfieldThomas William Woodhead1/9/1884ABS15/3/2009
+Herniaria ciliolataGB, VC1 West Cornwall, Lizard HeadE SpearingDouglas Montague Heath28/8/1902BIRM15/3/2009
+Samolus valerandiGB, VC63 South-west Yorkshire, AckworthJohn S WardGeorge Stephen West
William A Mudd
+Aphanes arvensisGB, VC61 South-east Yorkshire, YorkHarold Stuart ThompsonHarold Stuart Thompson22/5/1903BIRM15/3/2009
+Hottonia palustrisGB, VC63 South-west Yorkshire, Rawcliffe PondsGeorge Stephen West11/6/1878BIRM15/3/2009
+Ribes alpinumGB, VC57 Derbyshire, BlackwellThomas WhiteleggeWilliam Hunt Painter4/1878
+Oenanthe pimpinelloidesGB, VC9 Dorset, RousdenJames Cosmo MelvillBotanical Exchange Club of The British Isles
James Cosmo Melvill
William Hunt Painter
+Mentha longifolia var. nicholsonianaGB, VC36 Herefordshire, WhitneyAugustin LeyBotanical Exchange Club of The British Isles
William Hunt Painter
+Poa nemoralis var. rigidulaGB, VC42 Breconshire, Brecon Beacon CultivatedAugustin LeyBotanical Exchange Club of The British Isles
William Hunt Painter
+Aphanes arvensisGB, VC6 North Somerset, Brean DownThomas ClarkHarold Stuart Thompson
Thomas Clark
+Aphanes arvensisGB, VC13 West Sussex, LodsworthWilliam Charles BartonHarold Stuart Thompson1918BIRM15/3/2009
+Saxifraga stellarisGB, VC97 West Inverness-shire, Ben NevisR HeathDouglas Montague Heath17/7/1912BIRM15/3/2009
+Saxifraga stellarisGB, VC49 Caernarvonshire, Glyder FawrDouglas Montague HeathDouglas Montague Heath21/6/1926BIRM15/3/2009
+Saxifraga stellarisGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, Ben LawersDouglas Montague HeathDouglas Montague Heath4/7/1926BIRM15/3/2009
+Potentilla reptansGB, VC6 North Somerset, Barrow Gurney ReservoirsHarold Stuart ThompsonHarold Stuart Thompson6/10/1933BIRM15/3/2009
+Anagallis tenellaGB, VC1 West Cornwall, Land's EndGeorge Stephen West8/1875BIRM15/3/2009
+Hottonia palustrisGB, VC29 Cambridgeshire, Wicken FenDouglas Montague Heath5/1913BIRM15/3/2009
+Hottonia palustrisGB, VC28 West Norfolk, WrethamDouglas Montague Heath21/5/1917BIRM15/3/2009

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