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+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC17 Surrey, Edge of cornfield, Sanderstead29/7/1939BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC17 Surrey, EpsomH Taylor1866BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC17 Surrey, Field by Cold Harbour LaneArthur Bennett31/5/1863BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC17 Surrey, GodalmingJohn Thomas Irvine Boswell-Syme1852BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC17 Surrey, Headly Lane, SurreyJohn Thomas Irvine Boswell-Syme6/1866BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC17 Surrey, Heathy ground, Epsom Downs, SurreyJames Groves26/8/1905BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC17 Surrey, Hersham, Surrey1866BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC17 Surrey, In cornfield about Gomshall, Surrey18/7/1871BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC17 Surrey, Malden, SurreyH Goss to 1916BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC17 Surrey, North SurreyHewett Cottrell Watson1865BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC17 Surrey, Nr Boxhill, SurreyDaniel Cooper to 1932BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC17 Surrey, Reigate, SurreyEric Frederic Drabble to 1937BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC17 Surrey, Roadside near Godalming, Surrey1830BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC17 Surrey, Roadside, near Black Pond, Claremont, Surrey9/9/1891BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC17 Surrey, Steatham, Surrey8/1907BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC17 Surrey, Surrey, Amongst grass, foot of Boxhill, West sideCharles Edgar Salmon30/6/1906BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC17 Surrey, Surrey, Cult. Field, Hambledon, abund CultivatedCharles Edgar Salmon30/4/1919BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC17 Surrey, The Priory, Kew22/8/1888BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC18 South Essex, Cornfield nr Fyfield, South EssexHenry Groves17/7/1880BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC19 North Essex, Gt. Pool's field (by Pool's Lane) [could be Pod's field], Rayne, North EssexE Vaughan21/6/1930BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC19 North Essex, Pattiswick, EssexE Backhouse9/1844BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC20 Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire ., King's Langley, cornfieldS L P M Small8/1950BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC20 Hertfordshire, Watford, Hertfordshire6/1847BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC21 Middlesex, Field by Kingston Lane, HillingdonJ Benbow1883BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC21 Middlesex, Fields by and below Uxbridge CommonJ Benbow1883BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC21 Middlesex, Fields by SwakeleysJ Benbow1883BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC21 Middlesex, Hampton Wick, Middlesex. (Towpath of the Thames)A E Bradley6/1894BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC21 Middlesex, Middlesex, Alperton. Waste ground by rubbish tipAlfred James Wilmott21/8/1912BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC22 Berkshire, Corn field near Ham Bridge. 22 BerkshireAlbert Bruce Jackson31/7/1891BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC22 Berkshire, ReadingAlice M Crosfield5/1892BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC23 Oxfordshire, Blenheim1877BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC23 Oxfordshire, Corn field, "Blenheim"8/1879BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC23 Oxfordshire, Cornfield nr OxfordWilliam Wilson Saunders6/1851BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC24 Buckinghamshire, Chesham8/1920BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC24 Buckinghamshire, Corn fields etc at Upton & DatchetJ Cox1847BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC24 Buckinghamshire, Hughenden, Buckinghamshire31/1/1865BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC25 East Suffolk, Brome [Suffolk]Ris Shirby12/7/1832BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC25 East Suffolk, Ipswich7/1838BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC25 East Suffolk, WorthamT R Tuck7/1838BM
+Agrostemma githagoGB, VC26 West Suffolk, Higham (West Suffolk)7/1921BM

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