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Search results, herbarium specimens from Great Britain and Ireland
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infoAnagallis minimaGB, VC1 West Cornwall, CarnkiefFrancis Rilstone9/8/1924LAUS
infoSorbus intermediaGB, VC1 West Cornwall, PerranporthFrancis RilstoneLAUS
infoLobelia urensGB, VC3 South Devon, AxminsterJ Taylor8/1886LAUS
infoHypericum montanumGB, Hampshire
GB, VC3 South Devon, Ivybridge
J TaylorLAUS
infoLolium multiflorumGB, VC2 East Cornwall, WadebridgeRichard Vercoe TellamLAUS
infoParapholis GB, Cornwall, WadebridgeRichard Vercoe TellamLAUS
infoPuccinellia distansGB, Cornwall, WadebridgeRichard Vercoe TellamLAUS
infoPolypodium vulgareGB, VC4 North Devon, Holsworthy CultivatedThornton9/1888LAUS
infoVicia tenuifoliaGB, VC1 West Cornwall, FalmouthEdgar Thurston23/6/1918LAUS
infoPotamogeton pectinatusGB, VC1 West Cornwall, FalmouthEdgar Thurston18/8/1918LAUS
infoEuphrasia vigursiiGB, VC1 West Cornwall, GoonhavernEdgar Thurston7/1916LAUS
infoSolidago graminifoliaGB, VC1 West Cornwall, PerranporthEdgar ThurstonWilliam Wise1916 to 1918LAUS
infoEuphorbia hybernaGB, VC1 West Cornwall, PortreathEdgar ThurstonWilliam Wise7/1916LAUS
infoCatabrosa aquaticaGB, VC1 West Cornwall, TrevemperEdgar ThurstonWilliam Wise7/7/1922LAUS
infoArtemisia absinthiumGB, VC2 East Cornwall, BoscastleEdgar Thurston8/1915LAUS
infoBriza mediaGB, VC2 East Cornwall, BudeEdgar ThurstonWilliam Wise12/6/1926LAUS
infoPlantago mediaGB, VC3 South Devon, hexworthyJ Walke8/1883LAUS
infoCarex paniculata x remota = C. x boenninghausenianaGB, VC1 West Cornwall, Barras Moor, PonsanoothFrederick Hamilton DaveyWilliam Wise8/6/1905LAUS
infoErica vagansGB, VC1 West Cornwall, Bochym, LizardWilliam Wise9/8/1918LAUS
infoLinaria repensGB, VC1 West Cornwall, BudockWilliam Wise31/7/1917LAUS
infoLinaria repensGB, VC1 West Cornwall, BudockWilliam Wise31/7/1917LAUS
infoOrchis morioGB, VC1 West Cornwall, CadgwithWilliam Wise5/6/1916LAUS
infoMyosotis GB, VC1 West Cornwall, CadgwithWilliam Wise6/6/1916LAUS
infoPolycarpon tetraphyllumGB, VC1 West Cornwall, CadgwithE ShurslawWilliam Wise6/6/1916LAUS
infoAllium triquetrumGB, VC1 West Cornwall, CadgwithWilliam Wise6/6/1916LAUS
infoGladiolus communisGB, VC1 West Cornwall, CadgwithWilliam WiseWilliam Wise21/7/1916LAUS
infoPotamogeton natansGB, VC1 West Cornwall, CarnkiefWilliam Wise20/7/1888LAUS
infoMyriophyllum spicatumGB, VC1 West Cornwall, CarnkiefWilliam WiseWilliam Wise20/7/1916LAUS
infoCynoglossum officinaleGB, VC1 West Cornwall, Constantine BayWilliam Wise28/6/1901LAUS
infoNeottia nidus-avisGB, VC1 West Cornwall, Enys WoodsJ D EnysWilliam Wise8/6/1899LAUS
infoVerbascum thapsus x nigrum = V. x semialbumGB, VC1 West Cornwall, FalmouthWilliam Wise21/7/1917LAUS
infoGlaucium corniculatumGB, VC1 West Cornwall, FalmouthWilliam Wise30/7/1917LAUS
infoJuncus compressusGB, VC1 West Cornwall, FalmouthWilliam Wise31/7/1917LAUS
infoVeronica politaGB, VC1 West Cornwall, FalmouthWilliam WiseWilliam Wise1/8/1917LAUS
infoFilago vulgarisGB, VC1 West Cornwall, FalmouthWilliam WiseWilliam Wise8/1917LAUS
infoScrophularia vernalisGB, VC1 West Cornwall, Falmouth CultivatedWilliam WiseWilliam Wise5/1918LAUS
infoVeronica peregrinaGB, VC1 West Cornwall, FalmouthC FoxWilliam Wise6/1926LAUS
infoVerbascum virgatumGB, VC1 West Cornwall, Falmouth BayWilliam WiseWilliam Wise31/7/1917LAUS
infoApium inundatumGB, VC1 West Cornwall, Goonbilly DownsWilliam WiseWilliam Wise6/6/1916LAUS
infoAtriplex patulaGB, VC1 West Cornwall, Hardown, PadstowWilliam WiseWilliam Wise22/8/1917LAUS

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