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infoEuphrasia arcticaIS, BlndusConstant Vanden Berghen27/7/1968BR
infoEuphrasia arcticaIS, BdirConstant Vanden BerghenBR
infoEuphrasia arcticaIS, BdirConstant Vanden BerghenJ E De Langhe5/8/1967BR
infoEuphrasia arcticaIS, BdirConstant Vanden Berghen
Jacques Duvigneaud
infoEuphrasia arcticaIS, BirConstant Vanden Berghen7/8/1967BR
infoEuphrasia arcticaConstant Vanden Berghen7/8/1968BR
infoEuphrasia arcticaIS, SaurkrkurConstant Vanden Berghen12/8/1969BR
infoEuphrasia arcticaIS, SaurkrkurConstant Vanden Berghen14/8/1969BR
infoEuphrasia arctica subsp. borealisDK, Svinklv
Peder Pedersen
Aarhus University Botanical Institute4/7/1966BR
infoEuphrasia confusaGB, VC3 South Devon, DartmoorFrederick Archibald Sowter8/1929BR
infoEuphrasia confusaGB, VC26 West Suffolk, RushfordEric Lister Swann20/8/1968BR
infoEuphrasia confusaGB, VC28 West Norfolk, GooderstoneEric Lister Swann4/9/1962BR
infoEuphrasia confusaGB, VC28 West Norfolk, GooderstoneEric Lister Swann4/9/1962BR
infoEuphrasia foulaensisGB, VC95 Moray, Culbin SandhillsAleksandrs MelderisThe British Museum2/7/1953BR
infoEuphrasia frigidaRaymond BoutiqueRaymond Boutique23/7/1950BR
infoEuphrasia frigidaGL, QagssiarssukE. van RompaeyE. van Rompaey
J E De Langhe
infoEuphrasia frigidaIE, Kerry, Moll's GapJean-Jacques Symoens5/8/1984BR
infoEuphrasia frigidaIE, VCH16 West Galway, ErrisbegEddy Jaques17/6/1984BR
infoEuphrasia frigidaSE, Norrbottens l, ArjeplogNils JohanssonMus Bot, Lund, Sweden7/1926BR
infoEuphrasia frigidaSERaymond BoutiqueGermain & Boutique29/7/1950BR
infoEuphrasia frigidaSE, BjrklidenE WieslanderJ E De Langhe13/7/1974BR
infoEuphrasia frigidaSE, LktatjkkoWalter Robyns24/7/1950BR
infoEuphrasia nemorosaFI, TuusulaKukkonen31/8/1977BR
infoEuphrasia nemorosaGB, VC11 South Hampshire, HambledonPatrick Martin HallThe British Museum
Patrick Martin Hall
infoEuphrasia nemorosaGB, VC16 West Kent, OtfordAnthony Clive JermyThe British Museum5/9/1968BR
infoEuphrasia nemorosaGB, VC28 West Norfolk, Derby FenEric Lister Swann21/7/1969BR
infoEuphrasia nemorosaGB, VC28 West Norfolk, NarboroughEric Lister Swann26/8/1969BR
infoEuphrasia nemorosaGB, VC62 North-east Yorkshire, KnaytonCatherine Muriel RobBotanical Society & Exchange Club of The British Isles
Catherine Muriel Rob
Eric Lister Swann
infoEuphrasia nemorosaGB, VC109 Caithness, John O'groatsG. van Buggenhout6/1977BR
infoEuphrasia nemorosaIE, VCH16 West Galway, BallinaboyJ E De LangheJ E De Langhe11/8/1972BR
infoEuphrasia tetraquetraVCH16, Cloch na RnJ E De LangheJ E De Langhe12/8/1972BR
infoEuphrasia tetraquetraFR, Finist?re, Bretagne, Baie des TrpasssPaul Sotiaux11/8/1971BR
infoEuphrasia tetraquetraFR, C, DinanJacques LambinonJacques Duvigneaud29/5/1960BR
infoEuphrasia tetraquetraFR, C, DinanPaul Sotiaux12/8/1971BR
infoEuphrasia tetraquetraFR, Morbihan, Bretagne, Presqu'le de QuiberonPaul Sotiaux8/1971BR
infoEuphrasia tetraquetraFR, Ambleteuse CultivatedJacques Duvigneaud
Jacques Lambinon
P Auquier
infoEuphrasia tetraquetraFR, AmbleteuseJacques Duvigneaud
Jacques Lambinon
P Auquier
Jacques Duvigneaud31/10/1973BR
infoEuphrasia tetraquetraFR, AmbleteuseJacques DuvigneaudJacques Duvigneaud31/10/1973BR
infoEuphrasia tetraquetraFR, Cherbourg, Basse-Normandie1/9/1890BR
infoEuphrasia tetraquetraFR, Fort des DunesFilip Verloove3/7/1994BR

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