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Mr Job Edward Lousley (18/9/1907-6/1/1976)



For a full appreciation see J. G. Dony (1977) Watsonia, 11, 282-286. "J. Edward Lousley (1907-1976)".

One of Lousley achievements was to lead a collaboration for the writing of the Flora of Surrey (J. E. Lousley, & Surrey Flora Committee, "Flora of Surrey: based on records collected by the Surrey Flora Committee, 1957-1974", Published David & Charles, 1976).

In the RECORDS section he describes a system of referencing National Grid tetrads within a hectad (10km x 10km square, which he refers to as a centrad), that pre-dated the current national DINTY (1) system. Below is an adaption of the system he proposed (page 86 in the Flora) which was used within the publication and subsequently by other Surrey collectors, notably Jean Irene Byatt.

As an example he cites Godstone Pond grid reference (TQ)353516, tetrad 35C1, which according to DINTY, would be TQ35K. An instance of this in use can be seen in specimen 349479. To convert Lousley's 35C1 to DINTY, prefix TQ to the first two digits to give hectad TQ35, then look up the DINTY equivalent of the remaining C1 to get K which add as a suffix to the hectad giving TQ35K.

Below is Lousley's system in BLACK superimposed on DINTY

Surrey Tetrads on DINTY

A further complication is that Surrey falls into two 100km squares, SU to the west, and TQ to the east. The difference in the Lousley system is easy to spot because SU for Surrey will always have hectad numbers in the 80s and 90s, whereas TQ will have 03-45. Generally Jean_Irene_Byatt used to system in the east of the county, whilst Charterhouse School used it in the west.

Hectads covering the county of Surrey:
Surrey Hectads Key

(1) Dony, J.G. 1967. "Flora of Hertfordshire". (Describes the use of tetrads. The first publication in a flora of DINTY nomenclature is attributed to Dony, although the first use of the term 'tetrad' was attributed to E. S. Edees, who published later, in 1972 "Flora of Staffordshire"; see: Williamson, M., James, T., and Pearman, D. (2006), "Grid square nomenclature", BSBI News, 103, pp. 15-16.).

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