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Justus Elias Montell 1869 - 1954

Born 1869 at Geta in the Åland Islands, a Swedish-speaking part of Finland.
Graduated from Åbo (Swedish name for Turku) Akademi 1890.
Studied natural sciences at the University of Helsinki, 1890-93 MA.
Studied art 1893-94 in Helsinki, Stockholm, 1894, Munich, 1895-97, and in Italy in 1897.
Enrolled Evo Forest School in 1900. After graduating in 1902 he started work as a forest inspector.
Later, a forester in Muonio and Enontekiö until his retirement, 1930.
Established Malla Nature Reserve, the first in Finland, 1916.
Åbo Akademi curator of biological collections 1930-1954.
Honorary doctorate of philosophy in 1947.
Died 1954.

Most of his specimens were from three Finnish biogeographical provinces: Lapponia kemensis (Lkoc/Lkor), Lapponia enontekiensis (Le), both in Lapland, and Alandia (Al) an archipeligo in the south-west.
These can be located in the Finnish Wikipedia map

He constucted a hut (Montellin Maja Open Wilderness Hut), which still functions, near Muonio Kyrkoby, Lapponia kemensis (Lkoc), to assist in his studies.

Below, an extract from a label recording "Muonio Kyrkoby" as "Latitude North about 68° ".



Montell on the herbaria@home collectors page.

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