<h3>[email protected] Sheet Documenting Help</h3>
This help page is based on specimen <a href="http://herbariaunited.org/specimen/362632/">362632</a> originally described as just 'Mentha'.<br>
Collected from his garden by Charles Bailey, it passed via the Botanical Exchange Club of The British Isles to Allan Octavian Hume.<br>
<table border=1>

<image src="EGlabel1.jpg" height=200>
<image src="EGlabel2.jpg" height=200>
<image src="EGdetail.jpg" height=200><br>
Labels from the sheet and a detail of the image.
<image src="EGoldTaxon.jpg"><br>
Original Taxon not giving the detail shown on the labels.
<image src="EGgetTaxon.jpg"><br>
Changing the Taxon by beginning to type 'gentilis' generates a drop-down list including the Taxon shown on the lables.
<image src="EGnewTaxon.jpg"><br>
New full Taxon.
<image src="EGgetCollector.jpg"><br>
Finding the collector, again starting to type 'Bailey' generates a drop-down list including the 'Mr Charles Bailey'.
<image src="EGcollector.jpg"><br>
Collector completed.
<image src="EGinfoCollector.jpg"><br>
If more information is required about the collector clicking next to the collector name will give a link to the Collector Page.
<image src="EGdate.jpg"><br>
Date - note format and beware two-digit dates which may be 1800s or 1900s.
<image src="EGgetHerb.jpg"><image src="EGgetHerb2.jpg">
Find the Herbaria - two in this case. Clicking in the box generates a drop-down list with A. O. Hume at the top.
Botanical Exchange Club of The British Isles requires some typing.
<image src="EGherb.jpg">
Herbaria completed.
<image src="EGgetSite.jpg">
Find the site. Possibilities are Ashfield (a house name, unlikely to be in the Gazetteer), Whalley Range (specific), or Manchester
(less specific). Starting to type 'Whalley' has positive results.
<image src="EGsite.jpg">
Complete the site by ticking 'cultivated' and adding <i>verbatim</i> detail 'in the garden of Ashfield, Whalley Range, Manchester'
plus the comment '[that of Charles Bailey]' -  the square brackets used here to indicate an addition NOT present on the label
(<a href="#garden">see below</a>).
<image src="EGnote.jpg">
Add a note using information from the left-hand label.
<image src="EGgetFlower.jpg">
Add fruits/flowers status. The left-hand label gives us a clear clue here.
<image src="EGflower.jpg">
Fruits/flowers status complete.
<image src="EGnumber.jpg">
Although not strictly a collectors number that given to the sheet by A. O. Hume is
a reliable feature which can be recorded.
The completed record:<br>
<image src="EGdone.jpg"><br><p><p>
<a name="garden"></a>
<h3>Charles Bailey's Garden</h3>

<tr><td width=500 align="justify">The 'MEMOIRS AND PROCEEDINGS THE MANCHESTER LITERARY & PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY, Volume XLV. (1900-1901), record an <a href="http://www.archive.org/stream/memoirsandproce20socigoog/memoirsandproce20socigoog_djvu.txt">
Ordinary Meeting</a> in March 1901 of the Microscopical and Natural History Section with Charles Bailey in the chair, at which:<br>
<tr><td width=500 align="justify">

<i>"Mr Charles Bailey brought a series of examples of a somewhat rare mint, which he had had in cultivation for many years in his garden at Ashfield, Whalley Range, and which Dr.
John Briquet, of Geneva, had recently identified as Mentha gentilis, L., var. Hachenbruchii, Briq."</i>

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