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Joseph Sinel (1844-1929)




Jersey based naturalist, discovered Asplenium lanceolatum, var. sinelii.

Knowledgeable on the Crustacea etc of the Channel Isles, "A Contribution to our Knowledge of the Crustacea of the Channel Islands," Trans. Guernsey Soc. of Nat. Sci. 1906. He corresponded with Darwin and Wallace on marine biology. Tried to establish a Jersey Oyster Culture Company.

In 1906 the Société Jersiaise asked him to re-arrange the Museum of which, a year later, he became Curator until his death. There is a painting of Joseph by Richard Goldie Crawford, done whilst Joseph was curator of the museum. It hangs in the Jersey Museum and art Gallery.

Also wrote about the birds of Jersey - as judged by various entries in Science Gossip.

Lived Bagot, Jersey, (Cleveland Road ??) : 1901 Royal Crescent, St Helier, 1911 Springfield Cottages - boarding house. Author : Jersey; The "Complete" guide to [J. Sinel] 1896. see also La Société Guernesiaise Transactions and also The Geology of Jersey with Special Reference to Its Stratigraphy and Relation to the Continental Coastby J. Sinel (1912).

See the Plaque on his house, and Wikipedia entry.

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