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Joseph Adair (-1908)



Is listed in "The index of collectors in the Welsh National Herbarium" date of death given as 1908. Odd notes to be found in the Journal of Botany e.g. (1904) 42, 303, as illustrated below. image:Adair2.jpg

A Joseph Adair is listed in the 1891 census as living in Egremont. This J Adair has a birth date of 1829 (circa) and was probably educated at the Quaker School in Wigton, Cumberland. Was a 'distributor of stamps' in Whitehaven in 1851. He married Dorothy Davidson in 1853, and was still in Whitehaven up to 1871 and described as a 'distributor of stamps' and draper. From 1881, he is recorded as living in Egremont, and now recorded as the managing director of Wandham Iron Ore Mining Company. This was also the case in the 1901 Census, died in 1907 (4th quarter). image:Adair1.jpg

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