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William A Mudd ALS (1830-4/1879)


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William Mudd

William Wise

William MuddWilliam Wise

William Mudd's signed initials "WM" have sometimes been confused with those of William Wise, "WW" (but Mudd's handwriting is 'muddier'). Mudd collected at Kildale and (Great) Ayton VC 62 & also in south Co. Durham in and around 1852. He also has a distinctive way of writing the date - usually something like 7 Mo 1853 - which means 7th month of 1853 - see further detail in a post on the message board.



Born in 1829 at Clifton Lodge near Bedale, 2 miles SW of Thornton Watless, where his father was a steward. He started as a gardener to Joseph Pease of Southend, Darlington (he worked under the instruction of Mr Pope) and then was responsible for the garden of Mr T Richardson at Great Ayton.
At Great Ayton, he came under the influence of George Dixon, who worked to introduce natural history in Quaker Schools.
Mudd later became Curator of the Cambridge Botanic Garden (1864-1879). Charles Caudale Babington, (Professor of Botany at Cambridge), recorded a "first walk into the country with Mr Mudd" on 13 April 1865.
Died in Cambridge 17th April 1879.

He was the author of "A Manual of British Lichens", "Herbarium Lichenum britannicorum" (1861), and "A Monograph of British Cladoniae", (1865).

Despite what Kent & Allen may say, he was not a 'Rev.'

An excellent and detailed biography of Mudd can be found in Unveiling Victorian Genius (Richard Spruce & William Mudd), by Mark R. D. Seaward.

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