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Mr Edward Charles Wallace (12/2/1909-23/7/1986)



Born 12th February 1909 in Clapham, the son of Edward Charles and Annie Maria Wallace.
In 1911 the family moved to a house in Streatham Road, Sutton, Surrey, where Wallace continued to live after the deaths of his parents, for the rest of his life.
Wallace attended Sutton Grammar School until he was 16, and then worked for newsagent and bookseller, W. H. Smith.
He died on 23rd July 1986.

Read an article on Wallace by Mark Lawley.

It is possible to read on-line a section on Wallace from Mosses And Liverworts in the New Naturalist series, by Ron D. Porley, Nick G. Hodgetts (Published by HarperCollins 2005).

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