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Mr Harold Stuart Thompson FLS, ALS (3/1870-3/3/1940)



Harold Stuart Thompson was born the son of William T. Thompson and Agnes M. Fitzroy Thompson in 1870. He was the grandson of Francis James Thompson, through whom he was related to Thomas Clark.

He studied at Sidcot and Bootham schools, excelling in botany and physical geography. He devoted his life to the study and collection of wild flowers, and toured extensively throughout Europe, particularly Switzerland, in order to obtain specimens.

He was Honorary Secretary of the Watson Botanical Exchange Club, an associate of the Linnean Society, and a member of University Court at the University of Bristol.

He died on March 3, 1940, aged 69.

Author of "Sub-Alpine Plants, or Flowers of the Swiss Woods and Meadows"


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  • Subalpine Plants, or Flowers of the Swiss Woods and Meadows. By Harold Stuart Thompson, F.L.S. Pp. xvi + 325 + 33 coloured plates and a (contoured) Map of the Alps (Bartholomew). London : George Routledge & Sons, Ltd., 1912.

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