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joined: 28/07/2008
sheets: 12 documented 1 partially completed

Herbarium sheet records created by charles stirton.

+Rubus newbouldiiGB, VC9 Dorset, Branksome Park, BournemouthWilliam Moyle RogersBotanical Exchange Club of The British Isles22/6/1900
+Rubus mollissimusGB, VC49 Caernarvonshire, Bangor, Siliwen WoodsJohn Edwards GriffithBotanical Exchange Club of The British Isles7/1897ABS28/7/2008
+Rubus marshalliiGB, VC49 Caernarvonshire, BangorWilliam Hunt PainterWilliam Hunt Painter22/7/1895ABS28/7/2008
+Rubus villicaulisGB, VC38 Warwickshire, MinworthJames Eustace BagnallBotanical Exchange Club of The British Isles29/7/1893ABS28/7/2008
+Geranium lucidumGB, VC69 Westmorland, BarbonWilliam Hunt PainterWilliam Hunt Painter5/1863ABS28/7/2008
+Lycium barbarum CultivatedDouglas Montague HeathDouglas Montague Heath9/8/1948BIRM30/7/2008
+Scrophularia vernalisGB, VC82 East Lothian, Gosford SandsAlexander Carroll MaingayGeorge Stephen West7/1856BIRM30/7/2008
+Verbascum phlomoidesGB, VC36 Herefordshire, Sellack CultivatedAugustin LeyAugustin Ley24/6/1894BIRM30/7/2008
+Knautia arvensisGB, VC3 South Devon, PlymptonM Howells8/1978ABS30/7/2008
+Vulpia fasciculataGB, VC52 Anglesey, LlanfaelogJohn Edwards GriffithWilliam Hunt Painter6/1879ABS30/7/2008
+Trifolium agrariumGB, VC38 Warwickshire, KenilworthHenry BromwichWilliam Hunt Painter8/1883ABS30/7/2008
+Potentilla sterilisGB, VC3 South Devon, TeignmouthRobert Coane Roberts Jordan3/1849BIRM30/7/2008

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