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joined: 14/03/2009
sheets: 48 documented 1 partially completed

Herbarium sheet records created by polybecca.

+Viola rivinianaGB, VC29 Cambridgeshire, EversdenMuriel OnslowBIRM6/1/2009
+Viola rivinianaGB, VC49 Caernarvonshire, AberdaronJune WildingJune Wilding26/3/1961ABS14/3/2009
+Viola rivinianaGB, VC46 Cardiganshire, ClarachJ M Norman22/4/1959ABS14/3/2009
+Viola rivinianaGB, VC30 Bedfordshire, FlitwickMary Ann BrooksBIRM14/3/2009
+Viola canina subsp. montanaGB, VC31 Huntingdonshire, Woodwalton FenEdward Walter HunnybunWatson Botanical Exchange Club
Augustin Ley
Eliza Standerwick Gregory
+Viola canina subsp. montanaGB, VC31 Huntingdonshire, Woodwalton FenEdward Walter HunnybunBotanical Exchange Club of The British Isles
Augustin Ley
Eliza Standerwick Gregory
+Campanula glomerataGB, VC29 Cambridgeshire, HorseheathAugustin LeyAugustin Ley18/9/1891BIRM15/3/2009
+Galium palustreGB, VC37 Worcestershire, LickeyRobert Coane Roberts JordanRobert Coane Roberts Jordan8/1875BIRM15/3/2009
+Saxifraga hypnoidesGB, VC39,VC57, Dove DaleRobert Coane Roberts JordanRobert Coane Roberts Jordan20/6/1853BIRM15/3/2009
+Potentilla reptansGB, VC37 Worcestershire, BewdleyLangley KitchingLangley Kitching17/7/1897BIRM15/3/2009
+Viola carpaticaGB, VC59 South Lancashire, RainfordJames Alfred WheldonAugustin Ley
James Alfred Wheldon
+Viola carpaticaGB, VC58 Cheshire, MalpasAnthony Hurt Wolley DodBotanical Exchange Club of The British Isles
Anthony Hurt Wolley Dod
Augustin Ley
+Viola carpaticaGB, VC12 North Hampshire, OdihamCharlotte Ellen PalmerBotanical Exchange Club of The British Isles
Augustin Ley
Charlotte Ellen Palmer
+Viola carpaticaAugustin LeyAugustin Ley28/6/1882BIRM15/3/2009
+Viola carpaticaGB, VC36 Herefordshire, Deerfold ForestAugustin LeyAugustin Ley9/8/1871
+Viola carpaticaGB, VC36 HerefordshireAugustin LeyAugustin Ley9/8/1871BIRM15/3/2009
+Asperula cynanchicaGB, VC6 North Somerset, WaltonHarold Stuart ThompsonHarold Stuart Thompson7/8/1915BIRM21/3/2009
+Saxifraga hypnoidesGB, VC57 Derbyshire, BuxtonJohn BarrowCharles Bailey
Harold Stuart Thompson
John Barrow
+Lysimachia nemorumGB, VC38 Warwickshire, BerkswellGeorge Stephen WestGeorge Stephen West19/5/1889BIRM22/3/2009
+Lysimachia vulgarisGB, VC29 Cambridgeshire, Wicken FenRichard Henry YappU C W Aberystwyth
Richard Henry Yapp
+Veronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaGB, VC87,VC88,VC89, CaenlochanHenry Elliott FoxHarold Stuart Thompson7/1885BIRM22/3/2009
+Veronica serpyllifoliaGB, VC6 North Somerset, BrockleyHarold Stuart ThompsonHarold Stuart Thompson8/1929BIRM22/3/2009
+Veronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusaGB, VC90 Angus, ClovaFrancis Chalmers CrawfordFrancis Chalmers Crawford
Harold Stuart Thompson
+Aphanes arvensisGB, VC13 West Sussex, Lodsworth CultivatedWilliam Charles BartonWatson Botanical Exchange Club
Harold Stuart Thompson
William Charles Barton
+Aphanes arvensisGB, VC6 North Somerset, KeynshamHarold Stuart ThompsonHarold Stuart Thompson28/5/1922BIRM22/3/2009
+Aphanes arvensisGB, VC62 North-east Yorkshire, Castle HowardHarold Stuart ThompsonHarold Stuart Thompson20/5/1886BIRM22/3/2009
+Potentilla reptansGB, VC5,VC6, BridgwaterHarold Stuart ThompsonHarold Stuart Thompson7/7/1886BIRM22/3/2009
+Hypericum humifusumGB, VC62 North-east Yorkshire, StrensallHarold Stuart ThompsonHarold Stuart Thompson29/8/1885BIRM22/3/2009
+Veronica agrestisGB, VC30 Bedfordshire, FlitwickMary Ann BrooksBIRM22/3/2009
+Helleborus foetidusGB, VC6 North Somerset, Churchill BatchHarold Stuart ThompsonHarold Stuart Thompson4/1917BIRM22/3/2009
+Polygala serpyllifoliaGB, VC38 Warwickshire, Sutton ParkJoseph Hesselgrave Thompson16/6/1877BIRM22/3/2009
+Genista tinctoriaGB, VC27 East Norfolk, BressinghamFrederick RobinsonDouglas Montague Heath29/7/1916BIRM22/3/2009
+Genista tinctoriaGB, VC10 Isle of Wight, NewportDouglas Montague HeathDouglas Montague Heath2/7/1914BIRM22/3/2009
+Saxifraga hirsutaIE, VCH1 South Kerry, KillarneyReginald Wiliam ScullyBotanical Exchange Club of The British Isles
Harold Stuart Thompson
Reginald Wiliam Scully
+Verbascum pulverulentumGB, VC28 West Norfolk, Castle AcreDouglas Montague HeathDouglas Montague Heath22/9/1913BIRM28/3/2009
+Orobanche minorGB, VC14 East Sussex, EastbourneRobert Large Baker8/1874BIRM28/3/2009
+Pimpinella saxifragaGB, VC30 Bedfordshire, FlitwickMary Ann BrooksMary Ann BrooksBIRM28/3/2009
+Viola rivinianaGB, VC38 Warwickshire, AlcesterJ M Norman7/4/1959ABS28/3/2009
+Viola rivinianaGB, VC38 Warwickshire, BerkswellDonor Unknown12/5/1919BIRM28/3/2009
+Viola rivinianaGB, VC15 East Kent, Folkestone8/1873BIRM28/3/2009
+Viola palustrisGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, Ben LawersDouglas Montague HeathDouglas Montague Heath4/7/1926BIRM4/4/2009
+Viola palustrisGB, VC85 Fifeshire, East Lomond HillDouglas Montague HeathDouglas Montague Heath17/6/1915BIRM4/4/2009
+Viola palustrisGB, VC97 West Inverness-shire, Fort WilliamDouglas Montague HeathDouglas Montague Heath8/1912BIRM4/4/2009
+Viola palustrisGB, VC10 Isle of Wight, AlverstoneDouglas Montague HeathDouglas Montague Heath5/5/1916BIRM4/4/2009
+Viola palustrisGB, VC10 Isle of Wight, AlverstoneDouglas Montague HeathDouglas Montague Heath5/5/1916BIRM4/4/2009
+Viola palustrisGB, VC38 Warwickshire, ColeshillGeorge Stephen WestGeorge Stephen West22/5/1910BIRM4/4/2009
+Viola palustrisGB, VC38 Warwickshire, ColeshillGeorge Stephen WestGeorge Stephen West19/5/1909BIRM4/4/2009
+Viola palustrisGB, VC34 West Gloucestershire, Mitcheldean MeendAgnes GeeGeorge Claridge Druce28/5/1908BIRM4/4/2009
+Viola palustrisGB, VC49 Caernarvonshire, Pandy MillGeorge Claridge DruceBotanical Exchange Club of The British Isles
Augustin Ley
George Claridge Druce
+Viola palustrisGB, VC36 Herefordshire, LyonshallAugustin Ley17/8/1905BIRM4/4/2009

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