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joined: 25/05/2009
sheets: 11 documented 1 partially completed

Herbarium sheet records created by wilma.

+Juncus balticusGB, VC109 Caithness, KeissJ GrantBotanical Exchange Club of The British Isles
Augustin Ley
William Hunt Painter
+Fumaria muralis subsp. boraeiGB, VC4 North Devon, BrendonWilliam Charles BartonWatson Botanical Exchange Club
Harold Stuart Thompson
William Charles Barton
+Sisymbrium officinaleGB, VC36 Herefordshire, Saint WeonardsAugustin LeyAugustin Ley31/5/1879
+Rapistrum rugosumGB, VC17 Surrey, MortlakeThomas Archibald SpragueHarold Stuart Thompson13/7/1904BIRM25/5/2009
+Pinguicula grandifloraGB, VC1 West Cornwall, TremethickWilliam Booth WaterfallHarold Stuart Thompson5/1877BIRM25/5/2009
+Coincya monensis subsp. monensisGB, VC60 West Lancashire, LythamCharles BaileyCharles Bailey25/7/1908BIRM25/5/2009
+Sedum dasyphyllumGB, VC10 Isle of Wight, BradingDouglas Montague HeathDouglas Montague Heath31/7/1915BIRM25/5/2009
+Gastridium ventricosumGB, VC1 West Cornwall, HelstonAugustin LeyAugustin Ley3/7/1883BIRM25/5/2009
+Anemone nemorosaGB, VC64 Mid-west Yorkshire, BardseyLangley KitchingLangley Kitching1876BIRM29/5/2009
+Sagina nodosaGB, VC57 Derbyshire, Harpur HillAugustin Ley21/8/1867BIRM29/5/2009
+Erica cinereaGB, VC10 Isle of Wight, TotlandDouglas Montague HeathDouglas Montague Heath7/1910BIRM29/5/2009

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