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joined: 06/01/2013
sheets: 11 documented 12 partially completed

Herbarium sheet records created by victoria.

+Vaccinium oxycoccosGB, VC17 Surrey, OckleyEdward Charles WallaceJob Edward Lousley28/5/1933SLBI6/1/2013
+Juncus bufoniusGB, VC17 Surrey, Mitcham CommonS A ChambersS A Chambers2/7/1923SLBI7/1/2013
+Juncus squarrosusGB, VC66 County Durham, Widdybank Fell, TeesdaleAllan Octavian HumeAllan Octavian Hume27/6/1903SLBI7/1/2013
+Erica tetralixGB, VC3 South Devon, Yannadon DownAllan Octavian HumeAllan Octavian Hume4/8/1902SLBI7/1/2013
+Erica cinereaGB, VC9 Dorset, ParkstoneLeslie Beeching HallWatson Botanical Exchange Club
Job Edward Lousley
+Polygonatum odoratumGB, VC57 DerbyshireWilliam Henry PurchasFrederick Townsend6/1881SLBI7/1/2013
+Erica vagansGB, VC1 West Cornwall, Connor DownsFrederick Hamilton DaveyAllan Octavian Hume4/9/1901SLBI13/1/2013
+Juncus bulbosusGB, VC1 West Cornwall, KynanceAllan Octavian HumeAllan Octavian Hume29/6/1899SLBI13/1/2013
+Anagallis arvensisGB, VC6 North Somerset, WraxallIda Mary RoperIda Mary Roper11/11/1924SLBI13/1/2013
+Centaurium erythraeaGB, VC13 West Sussex, ThorneyEdward Shearburn MarshallAllan Octavian Hume24/9/1901SLBI13/1/2013
+Centaurium erythraeaGB, VC11 South Hampshire, Milford on SeaJ ComberWatson Botanical Exchange Club
William Robert Sherrin

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