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joined: 29/12/2014
sheets: 27 documented 1 partially completed

Herbarium sheet records created by bogbean.

+Carex paniculataGB, VC112 Shetland, FetlarHenry Halcro JohnstonHenry Halcro Johnston29/8/1928BM29/12/2014
+Carex paniculata x remota = C. x boenninghausenianaGB, VC3 South Devon, CatonThomas Richard Archer Briggs18/7/1879BM29/12/2014
+Carex paniculataGB, VC21 Middlesex, HarefieldJohn BenbowDouglas Henry Kent10/5/1845BM29/12/2014
+Carex paniculata x remota = C. x boenninghausenianaGB, VC20 Hertfordshire, Balls WoodWilliam Higgins ColemanEdward Forster15/6/1842BM29/12/2014
+Carex otrubaeGB, VC17 Surrey, HackbridgeArthur BennettArthur Bennett23/7/1864BM29/12/2014
+Carex spicataGB, VC6 North Somerset, WhitchurchHarold Stuart ThompsonWatson Botanical Exchange Club
Frederick Janson Hanbury
Harold Stuart Thompson
+Carex paniculataGB, VC17 Surrey, Reigate HeathArnold Eastwood BradleyArnold Eastwood Bradley7/1898BM29/12/2014
+Carex vulpinaGB, VC30 Bedfordshire, BedfordshireThomas Hilton6/1892BM29/12/2014
+Carex vulpinaGB, VC60 West Lancashire, PreesallJames Alfred WheldonCharles Edgar Salmon
James Alfred Wheldon
+Carex otrubaeGB, VC98 Argyllshire, ObanArthur Oliver Chater26/8/1961BM29/12/2014
+Carex diandraGB, VC59 South Lancashire, LevenshulmeJohn Bland WoodJoseph Sidebotham
William Charles Barton
+Carex appropinquataGB, VC26 West Suffolk, IcklinghamCecil Rollo Payton Andrews
Herbert William Pugsley
Herbert William Pugsley3/6/1900BM1/1/2015
+Carex appropinquataGB, VC21 Middlesex, HarefieldJohn BenbowJohn Benbow5/1885BM1/1/2015
+Carex vulpinaGB, VC16 West Kent, TonbridgeHerbert William PugsleyHerbert William Pugsley11/6/1943BM1/1/2015
+Carex vulpinaIE, VCH1 South Kerry, CastlegregoryEdward Shearburn MarshallAnthony Hurt Wolley Dod
Edward Shearburn Marshall
+Carex otrubaeGB, VC17 Surrey, EwhurstRobert Southey HillWinchester City Council
Robert Southey Hill
+Carex otrubaeGB, VC103 Mid Ebudes, ErraidBritish Museum (Natural History) Mull Survey20/9/1967BM1/1/2015
+Carex paniculataGB, VC70 Cumberland, YeartonGardner ChambersJohn Thomas Irvine Boswell-SymeBM1/1/2015
+Carex vulpinaGB, VC91 Kincardineshire, JohnshavenJ SimJ Sim8/1864BM1/1/2015
+Carex vulpinaGB, VC97 West Inverness-shireSymers MacDonald MacvicarSymers MacDonald Macvicar7/1890BM1/1/2015
+Carex otrubae x remota = C. x pseudoaxillarisGB, VC19 North Essex, Kelvedon1848BM1/1/2015
+Carex paniculataGB, VC57 Derbyshire, BradleyEdward Francis LintonEdward Francis Linton15/7/1887BM1/1/2015
+Carex paniculata x appropinquata = C. x rotaeGB, VC26 West Suffolk, Barton MillsCharles Edward Moss
Edward Shearburn Marshall
Robert Stephen Adamson
Robert Stephen Adamson4/6/1912BM1/1/2015
+Carex appropinquataGB, VC27 East Norfolk, Upton BroadJob Edward LousleyJob Edward Lousley
Patrick Martin Hall
+Carex paniculataIE, VCH2 North Kerry, MuckrossAlfred James WilmottBM1/1/2015
+Carex appropinquataGB, VC24 Buckinghamshire, LoudwaterJohn BenbowArthur Bennett
Charles Edgar Salmon
+Carex spicataGB, VC6 North Somerset, WhitchurchHarold Stuart ThompsonWatson Botanical Exchange Club
Harold Stuart Thompson

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