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Search results, herbarium specimens collected by Aspland
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infoGenista anglicaGB, VC1 West Cornwall, LizardAsplandWilliam Hunt PainterABS
infoCynodon dactylonGB, VC1 West Cornwall, PenzanceAsplandWilliam Hunt PainterABS
infoDryopteris aemulaGB, VC1 West Cornwall, PenzanceAsplandWilliam Hunt PainterABS
infoIsolepis setaceaGB, VC1 West Cornwall, PenzanceAsplandWilliam Hunt PainterABS
infoSolanum nigrumGB, VC1 West Cornwall, PenzanceAsplandWilliam Hunt PainterABS
infoOrnithogalum pyrenaicumGB, VC6 North Somerset, Bath CultivatedAsplandGeorge Stephen WestBIRM
infoLobularia maritimaGB, VC6 North Somerset, ClevedonAsplandWilliam Hunt PainterABS
infoOnobrychis viciifoliaGB, VC8 South Wiltshire, SalisburyAsplandWilliam Hunt PainterABS
infoFestuca longifoliaGB, VC11 South Hampshire, BournemouthAsplandWilliam Hunt PainterABS
infoTrisetum flavescensGB, VC14 East Sussex, EastbourneAsplandWilliam Hunt PainterABS
infoPuccinellia distansGB, VC15 East Kent, FolkestoneAsplandWilliam Hunt PainterABS
infoAira caryophylleaGB, VC16 West Kent, Tunbridge WellsAsplandWilliam Hunt PainterABS
infoInula crithmoidesGB, VC45 Pembrokeshire, LydstepAsplandWilliam Hunt PainterABS
infoEuonymus europaeusGB, VC58 CheshireAsplandWilliam Hunt PainterABS
infoAsarum europaeumGB, VC69 Westmorland, Coniston CultivatedAsplandWilliam Hunt PainterABS
infoTrifolium squamosumGB, VC69 Westmorland, Grange over SandsAsplandWilliam Hunt PainterABS
infoSpiraea salicifoliaGB, VC69 Westmorland, HawksheadAsplandWilliam Hunt PainterABS
infoCypripedium calceolusGB, VC69 Westmorland, WhitbarrowAsplandWilliam Hunt PainterABS
infoDryopteris villariiGB, VC69 Westmorland, WhitbarrowAsplandWilliam Hunt PainterABS
infoLobelia dortmannaGB, VC69 Westmorland, WindermereAsplandWilliam Hunt PainterABS
infoHabenaria albidaGB, VC69 Westmorland, YewdaleAsplandWilliam Hunt PainterABS
infoLinnaea borealisGB, VC92 South Aberdeenshire, BraemarAsplandWilliam Hunt PainterABS
infoHolcus lanatusAsplandWilliam Hunt PainterABS

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