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Mr Francis Buchanan White (20/3/1842 - 3/12/1894)

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Search results, herbarium specimens collected by Mr Francis Buchanan White
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+? GB, VC89 East Perthshire, Kinnaird CastleFrancis Buchanan White24/5/1888PTH
+Achillea millefoliumGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, Ballinluig IslandFrancis Buchanan White21/6/1890PTH
+Achillea millefoliumGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, Ballinluig IslandFrancis Buchanan White21/6/1890PTH
+Achillea millefoliumGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, Ben LawersFrancis Buchanan White17/8/1874PTH
+Achillea millefoliumGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, DunningFrancis Buchanan White18/7/1881PTH
+Achillea millefoliumGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, GrandtullyFrancis Buchanan White11/8/1881PTH
+Achillea millefoliumGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, KinclavenFrancis Buchanan White28/6/1881PTH
+Achillea millefoliumGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, StrathordFrancis Buchanan White8/9/1883PTH
+Achillea millefoliumGB, VC89 East Perthshire, ArnbathieFrancis Buchanan White23/9/1889PTH
+Achillea millefoliumGB, VC89 East Perthshire, Kinnoull HillFrancis Buchanan White8/8/1881PTH
+Achillea ptarmicaGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, KillinJames BrebnerFrancis Buchanan White27/7/1881PTH
+Achillea ptarmicaGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, LogieraitJames BrebnerFrancis Buchanan White25/7/1884PTH
+Achillea ptarmicaGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, RannochFrancis Buchanan White1875PTH
+Achillea ptarmicaGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, Tummel BridgeJames BrebnerFrancis Buchanan White23/7/1884PTH
+Achillea ptarmicaGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, White Moss LochFrancis Buchanan White18/7/1881PTH
+Achillea ptarmicaGB, VC89 East Perthshire, Ben VrackieJames BrebnerFrancis Buchanan White12/7/1884PTH
+Achillea ptarmicaGB, VC89 East Perthshire, MeikleourFrancis Buchanan White5/7/1881PTH
+Aconitum napellusGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, DupplinFrancis Buchanan White22/8/1885PTH
+Aconitum napellusGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, Sleepless InchFrancis Buchanan White9/9/1890PTH
+Adoxa moschatellinaGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, Ben LawersFrancis Buchanan White8/1872PTH
+Adoxa moschatellinaGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, Castle MenziesFrancis Buchanan White31/5/1884PTH
+Adoxa moschatellinaGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, InvermayFrancis Buchanan White20/5/1886PTH
+Adoxa moschatellinaGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, Kincardine GlenFrancis Buchanan White22/5/1884PTH
+Adoxa moschatellinaGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, Kinnaird HouseFrancis Buchanan White19/6/1888PTH
+Adoxa moschatellinaGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, Murthly CastleFrancis Buchanan White8/6/1889PTH
+Adoxa moschatellinaGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, StanleyFrancis Buchanan White23/5/1889PTH
+Adoxa moschatellinaGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, Woody IslandFrancis Buchanan White30/4/1887PTH
+Adoxa moschatellinaGB, VC89 East Perthshire, Allt GirnaigFrancis Buchanan White15/6/1892PTH
+Aegilops geniculataGB, VC89 East Perthshire, Invergowrie StationFrancis Buchanan White6/8/1891PTH
+Aethusa cynapiumGB, VC87 West Perthshire, KennetpansFrancis Buchanan White30/8/1890PTH
+Aethusa cynapiumGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, Glen FargFrancis Buchanan White26/8/1881PTH
+Aethusa cynapiumGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, KenmoreFrancis Buchanan White6/9/1882PTH
+Aethusa cynapiumGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, PerthFrancis Buchanan White2/8/1889PTH
+Aethusa cynapiumGB, VC89 East Perthshire, PerthFrancis Buchanan White24/8/1874PTH
+Aethusa cynapiumGB, Perthshire, Dumgreen ?Francis Buchanan White13/9/1884PTH
+Agrimonia eupatoriaGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, Almond BridgeFrancis Buchanan White15/8/1885PTH
+Agrimonia eupatoriaGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, Balnaguard BurnJames BrebnerFrancis Buchanan White25/7/1884PTH
+Agrimonia eupatoriaGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, Glen FargFrancis Buchanan White16/8/1881PTH
+Agrimonia eupatoriaGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, Loch TummelJames BrebnerFrancis Buchanan White15/7/1884PTH
+Agrimonia eupatoriaGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, PerthFrancis Buchanan WhitePTH

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