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Dr Fraser

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Search results, herbarium specimens collected by Dr Fraser
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infoBromus commutatusGB, VC29 Cambridgeshire, HayleyFraser
Joseph Hesselgrave Thompson
William Hunt Painter15/6/1877ABS
infoBromus racemosusGB, VC80 Roxburghshire, KelsoFraser
Andrew Brotherston
infoCarex arenariaGB, VC91,VC92, AberdeenFraserJoannes Albert Tempere7/1877BM
infoCarex paniceaGB, VC37 Worcestershire, BewdleyFraser
Frederick Arnold Lees
J E Thompson
infoCarum carviGB, VC91 Kincardineshire, Saint CyrusFraserWilliam Hunt PainterABS
infoDactylorhiza incarnataGB, VC38 Warwickshire, ColeshillFraserWilliam Hunt Painter26/7/1870ABS
infoElymus caninusFraserWilliam Hunt PainterABS
infoErica erigenaIE, MayoFraserRobert Large Baker4/1876BIRM
infoGoodyera repensGB, AberdeenshireFraser9/1876SLBI
infoIsatis tinctoriaGB, VC17 Surrey, ComptonFraser
James Groves
William Hunt Painter6/1874ABS
infoLimonium vulgareGB, VC60 West Lancashire, FleetwoodFraserWilliam Hunt Painter4/8/1882ABS
infoPotamogeton gramineusGB, VC91,VC92, AberdeenFraserJoannes Albert Tempere1876SLBI
infoSedum forsterianumGB, VC47 Montgomeryshire, Craig BreiddenFraserArthur Bennett5/1875SLBI
infoSedum forsterianumGB, VC47 Montgomeryshire, Craig BreiddenFraser22/6/1863SLBI
infoSuaeda maritimaGB, VC11 South Hampshire, HytheFraser8/1882ABS
infoThalictrum minus subsp. minusGB, VC1 West Cornwall, LizardFraserWilliam Hunt Painter8/1878ABS
infoThalictrum minus subsp. minusGB, VC6 North Somerset, CheddarFraser
William Hunt Painter
infoTuberaria guttataGB, VC113 Channel Islands, JerseyFraserAugustin Ley7/1876BIRM
infoVaccinium uliginosumGB, VC91,VC92, AberdeenFraser
William Gardiner
William Hunt Painter7/1845ABS

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