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George Bentham (22/9/1800 - 10/9/1884)

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Search results, herbarium specimens collected by George Bentham
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infoArenaria ciliataIT, South TyrolAllan Octavian Hume
Frederick Townsend
George Bentham
infoBaldellia ranunculoidesGB, VC40 Shropshire, Ellesmere, The MereGeorge Bentham3/8/1858E
infoBallota nigraGB, VC18 South Essex, SouthendGeorge Bentham3/9/1829K
infoCallitriche George Bentham15/9/1856K
infoCallitriche intermediaGB, VC89 East Perthshire, Loch of ClunieWilliam Jackson HookerGeorge Bentham1823K
infoCallitriche stagnalisGB, VC36,VC43, PresteigneGeorge Bentham28/8/1858K
infoCallitriche stagnalisGB, VC83 Midlothian, Duddingston LochGeorge Bentham6/1823K
infoCampanula patulaGB, VC40 Shropshire, Acton ScottGeorge Bentham7/7/1850K
infoChaenorhinum minusGB, VC36 Herefordshire, Ewyas HaroldGeorge Bentham23/9/1856K
infoChaenorhinum minusGB, VC36 Herefordshire, PontrilasGeorge Bentham25/8/1848K
infoClinopodium ascendensGB, VC26 West Suffolk, Bury Saint EdmundsGeorge BenthamK
infoClinopodium menthifoliumGB, VC10 Isle of WightWilliam Arnold BromfieldGeorge BenthamK
infoCrepis mollisGB, VC66,VC65, Upper TeesdaleGeorge Bentham
Joseph Dalton Hooker
William Jackson Hooker7/1865K
infoCymbalaria muralisGB, VC17 Surrey, Kew Gardens CultivatedGeorge Bentham
John Lubbock
infoDactylis glomerataGeorge Bentham1845K
infoDactylis glomerataGB, VC83 Midlothian, Edinburgh CultivatedGeorge Bentham6/1823K
infoDactylis glomerata subsp. glomerataGB, VC83 Midlothian, Edinburgh CultivatedGeorge Bentham6/1823K
infoErinus alpinusGB, VC64 Mid-west Yorkshire, RiponGeorge Bentham9/1871K
infoFestuca arundinaceaGB, VC36 Herefordshire, PontrilasGeorge BenthamGeorge Bentham1845K
infoGaleopsis tetrahitGB, VC40 ShropshireGeorge Bentham8/1849K
infoGaleopsis tetrahitGB, VC40 Shropshire, Acton ScottGeorge BenthamGeorge Bentham30/8/1856K
infoGaleopsis versicolorGB, VC40 Shropshire, HorderleyGeorge Bentham23/8/1856K
infoGaleopsis versicolorGB, VC40 Shropshire, StokesayGeorge Bentham8/8/1849K
infoGlechoma hederaceaGB, VC20 Hertfordshire, BedwellGeorge Bentham19/5/1836K
infoGroenlandia densaFR, LozereGeorge Bentham1826K
infoGroenlandia densaGB, ScotlandGeorge Arnott Walker ArnottGeorge BenthamK
infoGroenlandia densaIT, SiciliaFilippo Parlatore
George Bentham
infoHabenaria virideGB, VC36 Herefordshire, PontrilasGeorge Bentham1845K
infoHabenaria virideGB, ScotlandArnottGeorge BenthamK
infoHerminium monorchisGB, VC17 Surrey, Box HillJohn Stuart MillGeorge Bentham1823K
infoHypochaeris glabraGB, VC38 Warwickshire, HarburyGeorge Bentham30/9/1830K
infoHyssopus officinalis CultivatedAlire Raffeneau DelileGeorge Bentham1831K
infoKickxia elatine subsp. elatineGB, EnglandForsyth
George Bentham
infoLavandula dentata var. dentataGeorge Bentham1826K
infoLavandula dentata var. dentataFR, Telon [Toulon?] CultivatedGeorge Bentham11/1819K
infoLavandula dentata var. dentataFR, Telon [Toulon?] CultivatedGeorge Bentham11/1819K
infoLigustrum vulgareGB, VC4 North Devon, WoolacombeGeorge Bentham22/9/1858K
infoLimosella aquaticaForsyth
George Bentham
infoLinaria repensGB, CornwallForsyth
George Bentham
infoLycopus europaeusGB, VC40 Shropshire, Bomere PoolGeorge BenthamGeorge Bentham19/8/1856K

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