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Mrs Gertrude Mackie

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Search results, herbarium specimens collected by Mrs Gertrude Mackie
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infoAlisma plantago-aquaticaGB, VC59 South Lancashire, Droylesden CanalGertrude Mackie28/7/1956MANCH
infoAnaphalis margaritaceaGB, VC36 Herefordshire, Penyard ParkGertrude Mackie9/8/1964MANCH
infoAntennaria dioicaGB, VC66 County Durham, Widdybank Fell [Widdy Bank]Gertrude MackieManchester Museum5/6/1970MANCH
+Astragalus alpinusGB, Perthshire, PerthshireGertrude MackieGertrude Mackie22/6/1967MANCH
+Baldellia ranunculoidesGB, VC59 South Lancashire, Southport,AinsdaleGertrude MackieGertrude Mackie21/7/1956MANCH
+Blysmus compressusGB, VC57 Derbyshire, Monk's DaleGertrude MackieGertrude Mackie27/6/1964MANCH
infoButomus umbellatusGB, VC52 AngleseyGertrude Mackie24/7/1963MANCH
+Calamintha arvensisGB, VC69 Westmorland, Grange over SandsGertrude MackieGertrude Mackie7/7/1959MANCH
+Carex maritimaGB, VC90 Angus, Mains of UsanGertrude MackieGertrude Mackie8/8/1970MANCH
+Carex microglochinGB, VC88 Mid PerthshireGertrude MackieGertrude Mackie11/8/1970MANCH
infoCarex pallescensGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, Loch LochGertrude Mackie25/6/1967MANCH
+Cephalanthera longifoliaIE, VCH23 Westmeath, Lough ReeGertrude MackieGertrude Mackie7/6/1969MANCH
+Cerastium alpinumGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, Meall nan TarmachanGertrude MackieGertrude Mackie8/7/1958MANCH
+Cerastium alpinumGB, VC107 East Sutherland, Ben More AssyntGertrude MackieGertrude Mackie29/6/1966MANCH
+Cerastium arcticumGB, VC107 East Sutherland, Ben More AssyntGertrude MackieGertrude Mackie29/6/1966MANCH
+Clinopodium calaminthaGB, VC25 East Suffolk, Bergholt,Flatford MillGertrude MackieGertrude Mackie1/9/1957MANCH
+Clinopodium calaminthaGB, VC25 East Suffolk, Bergholt,Flatford MillGertrude MackieGertrude Mackie1/9/1957MANCH
+Corallorhiza trifidaGB, VC85 Fifeshire, TentsmuirGertrude MackieGertrude Mackie17/6/1966MANCH
+Cornus suecicaGB, VC107 East Sutherland, Ben More AssyntGertrude MackieGertrude Mackie29/6/1966MANCH
infoCrataegus monogyna x laevigata = C. x mediaGB, VC31 Huntingdonshire, Monks WoodGertrude Mackie4/9/1966MANCH
+Dactylorhiza incarnataIE, VCH9 Co. Clare, KnockaunroeGertrude MackieGertrude Mackie31/5/1969MANCH
+Dactylorhiza majalis subsp. occidentalisIE, Co. Donegal. ArdaraGertrude MackieGertrude Mackie5/7/1962MANCH
infoDaphne laureolaGB, VC58 Cheshire, StyalGertrude Mackie12/4/1962MANCH
infoDipsacus pilosusGB, VC31 Huntingdonshire, Monks WoodGertrude Mackie4/9/1966MANCH
+Draba aizoidesGB, VC41 Glamorganshire, Pennard CastleGertrude MackieGertrude Mackie16/4/1967MANCH
+Drosera anglicaGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, Glen LyonGertrude MackieGertrude Mackie14/7/1958MANCH
infoEuphorbia esula x waldsteinii = E. x pseudovirgataGB, VC59 South Lancashire, HightownGertrude Mackie1/8/1960MANCH
+Euphorbia exsertaGB, VC9 Dorset, Swanage,DurlstonGertrude MackieGertrude Mackie21/6/1977MANCH
+Euphorbia hybernaIE, VCH2 North Kerry, KillarneyGertrude MackieGertrude Mackie17/5/1969MANCH
+Euphrasia anglicaGB, VC49 Caernarvonshire, SnowdonGertrude MackieGertrude Mackie3/7/1960MANCH
+Euphrasia tetraquetraGB, VC45 Pembrokeshire, DaleGertrude MackieGertrude Mackie10/7/1960MANCH
+Euphrasia tetraquetraGB, Channel islands Guernsey,VcciGertrude MackieGertrude Mackie11/5/1974MANCH
+Filago vulgarisGB, VC25 East Suffolk, Hollesley,Hollesley HeathGertrude MackieGertrude Mackie7/9/1958MANCH
+Galeopsis angustifoliaGB, VC60 West Lancashire, ElmslackGertrude MackieGertrude Mackie5/7/1959MANCH
+Genista anglicaGB, VC96 East Inverness-shire, InvernessGertrude MackieGertrude Mackie23/5/1955MANCH
+Gentianella campestrisGB, VC52 Anglesey, NewboroughGertrude MackieGertrude Mackie18/7/1963MANCH
infoGlyceria declinataGB, VC52 Anglesey, Holyhead MountainGertrude Mackie21/7/1963MANCH
+Gnaphalium sylvaticumGB, VC36 HerefordshireGertrude MackieGertrude Mackie3/8/1964MANCH
+Groenlandia densaGB, VC64 Mid-west Yorkshire, WarfedaleGertrude MackieGertrude Mackie4/6/1961MANCH
+Habenaria virideGB, VC57 Derbyshire, BuxtonGertrude MackieGertrude Mackie4/8/1957MANCH

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