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Mr J Hardy

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Search results, herbarium specimens collected by Mr J Hardy
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infoAchillea distansGB, VC57 Derbyshire, CromfordJ HardyCharles Bailey
William Lowndes Notcutt
+Astragalus danicusGB, VC90 Angus, Sands of BarrieCharles Bailey
J Hardy
William Gardiner
infoBarbarea intermediaGB, VC59 South Lancashire, ManchesterJ HardyCharles Bailey5/1860 to 8/1860BIRM
+Cardamine impatiensGB, VC57 Derbyshire, Lover's LeapJ HardyCharles Bailey
J Hardy
John Barrow
+Dianthus armeriaGB, Yorkshire, YorkshireHenry IbbotsonCharles Bailey
J Hardy
+Galium tricornutumGB, VC18 South Essex, Great WarleyWilliam Marsden HindCharles Bailey
J Hardy
+Gnaphalium luteoalbumGB, VC113 Channel Islands, JerseyJ HardyCharles Bailey9/7/1846MANCH
+Hordeum marinumGB, VC15 East Kent, Isle of SheppeyCharles Bailey
J Hardy
+Hordeum marinumGB, VC62 North-east Yorkshire, ClevelandCharles Bailey
J Hardy
+Hyoscyamus nigerGB, VC89,VC90, DundeeAlexander CroallJ Hardy7/1856MANCH
+Linnaea borealisGB, VC90 Angus, Forfar (Nw of),ClovaWilliam GardinerCharles Bailey
J Hardy
+Linnaea borealisGB, VC90 Angus, Forfar,Woods of ArduvieCharles Bailey
J Hardy
+Mentha arvensis x spicata = M. x gracilisGBWilliam SoleJ Hardy
William Sole
+Moneses unifloraGB, VC107 East Sutherland, CoulWilliam Alexander StablesCharles Bailey
J Hardy
+Physospermum cornubienseGB, Devon, DevonJohn BankerCharles Bailey
J Hardy
infoPotamogeton natansGB, VC63 South-west Yorkshire, Potteric CarrJ HardyCharles Bailey8/1845MANCH
+Saxifraga hirculusGB, VC65,VC66, Durham,Teesdale,CotherstoneD OLIVER TERSD OLIVER TERS
Charles Bailey
J Hardy
+Saxifraga hirculusGB, VC77 Lanarkshire, Pentland HillsHugh M BalfourCharles Bailey
J Hardy
+Saxifraga hirculusGB, VC83 Midlothian, Edinburgh,Pentland HillsA HunterCharles Bailey
J Hardy
+Saxifraga hirculusGB, VC87 West Perthshire, ClackmannanJ HookerCharles Bailey
J Hardy
+Thlaspi perfoliatumGB, VC33 East Gloucestershire, Stow on the-WoldH Roberts
Walter Waters Reeves
Charles Bailey
J Hardy
John Harbord Lewis
+Valerianella rimosaGB, VC62 North-east Yorkshire, ThirskJohn Gilbert BakerCharles Bailey
J Hardy
John Gilbert Baker

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