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Dr John Ralfs (13/9/1807 - 14/7/1890)

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Search results, herbarium specimens collected by Dr John Ralfs
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infoAconitum napellusGB, VC40 Shropshire, Ledwyche BrookJohn Eddowes BowmanJohn Ralfs1839SLBI
infoAdonis autumnalisGB, VC12 North Hampshire, Weeke, WinchesterJohn Ralfs1826SLBI
infoAdoxa moschatellinaGB, VC58 Cheshire, CongletonAlfred GreenwoodJohn RalfsSLBI
infoAllium carinatumGB, VC83 Midlothian, MusselburghAlexander Craig-ChristieAlexander Craig-Christie
John Ralfs
5/5/1877 to 30/7/1878SLBI
infoAllium carinatumGB, VC83 Midlothian, MusselburghAlexander Craig-ChristieAlexander Craig-Christie
John Ralfs
infoAllium oleraceumGB, VC34 West Gloucestershire, Stoke BishopJohn Eddowes BowmanJohn Ralfs1839SLBI
infoAllium oleraceumGB, VC34 West Gloucestershire, Stoke BishopJohn Eddowes BowmanJohn Ralfs1839SLBI
infoAllium schoenoprasumGB, VC67 South Northumberland, Walltown CragsNathaniel John WinchJohn RalfsSLBI
infoAllium triquetrumGB, VC1 West Cornwall, HelstonJames CunnackJohn Ralfs1874SLBI
infoAlthaea hirsutaGB, VC16 West Kent, CobhamJohn Stevens Henslow
William Strong Hore
John Ralfs7/1827SLBI
infoAlthaea officinalisGB, VC11 South Hampshire, Hill HeadWilliam Lowndes NotcuttJohn Ralfs17/7/1844SLBI
infoAnacamptis pyramidalisGB, VC18 South Essex, RoxwallAlfred GreenwoodJohn Ralfs25/6/1846SLBI
infoAnagallis arvensis subsp. foeminaGB, VC1 West Cornwall, PenzanceJohn Ralfs1874SLBI
+Anagallis minimaGB, VC1 West Cornwall, PenzanceJohn RalfsArthur Waters Preston
Charles Bailey
infoAntennaria dioicaGB, VC1 West Cornwall, Connor DownsJohn RalfsCharles Bailey
John Wilson Rimington
Spencer Henry Bickham
infoAquilegia vulgarisGB, VC1 West Cornwall, Mylor BridgeElizabeth Andrew WarrenJohn Ralfs3/6/1837SLBI
infoArctostaphylos uva-ursiGB, VC92 South Aberdeenshire, MorroneHenry Maurice Drummond-HayJohn Ralfs3/7/1879SLBI
infoAristolochia clematitisGB, VC27 East Norfolk, NorwichArthur Waters PrestonJohn Ralfs9/1876SLBI
infoAristolochia clematitisGBJohn Ralfs
infoArmeria arenariaGB, VC113 Channel Islands, JerseyHenry PenneckJohn Ralfs1837SLBI
infoBaldellia ranunculoidesGB, VC11 South Hampshire, SouthamptonJohn RalfsJohn Ralfs8/1829SLBI
infoBlysmus compressusGB, VC59 South Lancashire, HightownJohn Harbord LewisJohn Ralfs25/6/1875SLBI
infoBlysmus compressusGB, LancashireJohn RalfsJoseph Dickinson1841SLBI
infoBlysmus rufusGB, VC59 South Lancashire, BootleHallJohn Ralfs1838SLBI
infoCalamintha arvensisGB, VC22,VC23, OxfordRichard Vercoe TellamJohn Ralfs1870SLBI
infoCalluna vulgarisGB, VC3 South Devon, AshburtonJohn Ralfs1888SLBI
infoCampanula patulaGB, VC37 WorcestershireJohn Eddowes BowmanJohn Ralfs1840SLBI
infoCampanula patulaGB, VC40 ShropshireRudgeJohn Ralfs8/1835SLBI
infoCampanula tracheliumGB, VC17 Surrey, MersthamEyre Champion de CrespignyJohn Ralfs1874SLBI
infoCarex pseudocyperusGB, VC3 South Devon, PlymouthJohn Ralfs
William Curnow
Robert Morton Middleton7/1875MANCH
infoCentaurium littoraleGB, VC59 South Lancashire, LiverpoolJ B HallJohn Ralfs1839SLBI
infoCephalanthera longifoliaGB, Hampshire, LittletonFrederick Issac WarnerFrederick Issac Warner
John Ralfs
+Cerastium arcticumGB, VC49 Caernarvonshire, SnowdonJohn RalfsCharles Bailey
William Lowndes Notcutt
infoCerastium semidecandrumGB, VC1 West Cornwall, PhillackJohn RalfsArthur Waters Preston
William Hunt Painter
infoCeratocapnos claviculataGB, VC19 North Essex, Toppinghoehall WoodJohn RalfsJohn Ralfs7/6/1845SLBI
+Cicendia filiformisGB, VC1 West Cornwall, PenzanceJohn RalfsCharles Bailey
William Lowndes Notcutt
infoCicendia filiformisGB, VC1 West Cornwall, PenzanceJohn Ralfs
infoClaytonia perfoliataGB, VC59 South Lancashire, GarstonJohn William BurtonJohn Ralfs
John William Burton
infoConvallaria majalisGB, VC6 North Somerset, BerkleyJohn RalfsJohn Ralfs5/1868SLBI
infoCorrigiola litoralisGB, VC3 South Devon, Slapton SandsWilliam Strong HoreJohn Ralfs7/1837SLBI

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