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Joseph Fry Pickard (1876 - 1943)

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Search results, herbarium specimens collected by Joseph Fry Pickard
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infoAdiantum capillus-venerisGB, VC69 Westmorland, Morecambe BayJoseph Fry PickardHarold Stuart Thompson14/7/1935BIRM
infoAnthyllis vulneraria subsp. vulneraria var. coccineaGB, VC64 Mid-west Yorkshire, Upper WharfedaleJoseph Fry PickardHarold Stuart Thompson6/1932BIRM
infoAsplenium septentrionaleGB, VC49 Caernarvonshire, LlanrwstAlbert Wilson
Joseph Fry Pickard
Harold Stuart Thompson18/5/1935BIRM
infoCarex distichaGB, VC64 Mid-west Yorkshire, Newton in BowlandJoseph Fry PickardWilliam Charles Barton14/6/1908BM
infoCarex echinataGB, VC60 West Lancashire, BowlandJoseph Fry PickardFrederick Arnold Lees6/1908BM
infoCarex remotaGB, VC14 East Sussex, IsfieldJob Edward Lousley
Joseph Fry Pickard
Botanical Exchange Club of The British Isles25/6/1933 to 17/9/1933E
infoCarex x helvolaGB, VC92 South Aberdeenshire, LochnagarEdward Shearburn Marshall
Spencer Henry Bickham
Watson Botanical Exchange Club
Arnold Eastwood Bradley
Joseph Fry Pickard
infoCochlearia danicaGB, VC52 Anglesey, Holyhead MountainJoseph Fry Pickard3/8/1910SLBI
infoCotoneaster cambricusGB, VC49 Caernarvonshire, Great Orme's HeadJoseph Fry PickardHarold Stuart Thompson21/5/1935BIRM
infoCrassula aquaticaGB, VC64 Mid-west Yorkshire, Adel DamJoseph Fry PickardHarold Stuart Thompson15/9/1926BIRM
infoCypripedium calceolusGB, VC64 Mid-west Yorkshire, Arncliffe CultivatedJoseph Fry PickardHarold Stuart Thompson6/1932BIRM
infoDryopteris submontanaGB, VC64 Mid-west Yorkshire, Upper WharfedaleJoseph Fry PickardHarold Stuart Thompson6/1932BIRM
infoErinus alpinusGB, VC59 South Lancashire, ChatburnJoseph Fry PickardAugustin Ley
Frederick Arnold Lees
infoGeum rivaleGB, VC64 Mid-west Yorkshire, Upper WharfedaleJoseph Fry PickardHarold Stuart Thompson6/1932BIRM
infoHydrocotyle vulgarisGB, VC64 Mid-west Yorkshire, Adel MoorFrederick Arnold Lees
Joseph Fry Pickard
infoLepidium latifoliumGB, VC34 West Gloucestershire, BerkeleyJoseph Fry PickardJob Edward Lousley8/1935SLBI
infoPolygala vulgarisGB, VC64 Mid-west Yorkshire, WharfedaleJoseph Fry PickardHarold Stuart Thompson6/1922BIRM
infoSorbus intermediaGB, VC64 Mid-west Yorkshire, MalhamJoseph Fry PickardJoseph Fry Pickard4/5/1901SLBI
infoThlaspi caerulescensGB, VC49 Caernarvonshire, LlanrwstW E RussellJoseph Fry Pickard7/1901SLBI
infoTuberaria guttataGB, VC52 Anglesey, South StackAlbert Wilson
Joseph Fry Pickard
Harold Stuart Thompson5/1935BIRM

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