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Mr Albert John Crosfield (1852 - 6/8/1931)

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Search results, herbarium specimens collected by Mr Albert John Crosfield
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infoPersicaria lapathifoliaGB, VC17 Surrey, Earlswood CommonAlbert John CrosfieldWilliam Hadden Beeby
Arthur Bennett
infoSamolus valerandiGB, VC21 Middlesex, Isle of DogsJohn PryorWilliam Hadden Beeby
Albert John Crosfield
infoErysimum GB, VC29 Cambridgeshire, CambridgeAlbert John CrosfieldWatson Botanical Exchange Club
Albert John Crosfield
infoSilene integripetalaGB, VC29 Cambridgeshire, CambridgeAlbert John CrosfieldWatson Botanical Exchange Club
Albert John Crosfield
infoAceras anthropophorumGB, VC17 Surrey, Reigate HillAlbert John Crosfield2/6/1881K
infoAgrimonia proceraGB, VC24 Buckinghamshire, BeaconsfieldAlbert John CrosfieldAlbert John Crosfield24/10/1922BIRM
infoAjuga chamaepitysGB, VC17 Surrey, Reigate HillAlbert John Crosfield4/7/1899K
infoAjuga reptansGB, VC17 Surrey, ReigateAlbert John Crosfield5/6/1886K
infoCakile maritimaGB, VC28 West Norfolk, HunstantonAlbert John CrosfieldAlbert John Crosfield14/7/1922BIRM
infoCallitriche obtusangulaGB, VC13 West Sussex, Amberley Wild BrooksAlbert John Crosfield30/6/1899K
infoCarex lasiocarpaGB, VC17 Surrey, Croydon Cultivated
GB, VC7 North Wiltshire, Marston Meysey
Albert John CrosfieldBM
infoCarex paniculataGB, VC63 South-west Yorkshire, WiddopL H BainesAlbert John CrosfieldBM
infoCarex remotaGB, VC24 Buckinghamshire, PennAlbert John CrosfieldAlbert John Crosfield5/7/1919BM
infoCarex strigosaGB, VC17 Surrey, ReigateAlbert John CrosfieldAlexander Somerville4/7/1899E
infoCarex vulpinaGB, VC62 North-east Yorkshire, New EarswickM BackhouseAlbert John Crosfield
E M Crosfield
+Damasonium alismaGB, VC17 Surrey, London,Walton HeathAlbert John Crosfield1/8/1910MANCH
infoDamasonium alismaGB, VC17 Surrey, Headley HeathAlbert John CrosfieldAlexander Somerville
Albert John Crosfield
infoDiplotaxis muralis var. babingtoniiGB, VC17 Surrey, DorkingAlbert John Crosfield9/1886SLBI
infoEpilobium alsinifoliumAlbert John CrosfieldAlbert John CrosfieldBIRM
infoEuphorbia waldsteiniiGB, VC29 Cambridgeshire, Dernford FenAlbert John Crosfield27/6/1922BIRM
infoFallopia dumetorumGB, VC17 Surrey, ChilworthAlbert John Crosfield9/1873K
infoGaleopsis angustifoliaGB, VC17 Surrey, Reigate HillAlbert John Crosfield8/1873K
infoGentianella campestrisGB, VC13 West Sussex, BrightonAlbert John Crosfield8/9/1886K
infoGlechoma hederaceaGB, VC17 Surrey, ReigateAlbert John Crosfield14/5/1902K
infoGroenlandia densaGB, VC17 Surrey, GodalmingAlbert John Crosfield19/5/1894K
infoHerminium monorchisGB, VC17 Surrey, Box HillAlbert John Crosfield7/1879K
infoHypochaeris maculataGB, VC19 North Essex, Saffron WaldenAlbert John Crosfield12/6/1846SLBI
infoKickxia spuriaGB, VC17 Surrey, ReigateAlbert John Crosfield24/7/1886K
infoLamium galeobdolon subsp. montanumGB, VC17 Surrey, ReigateAlbert John Crosfield4/1882K
infoLamium purpureum var. hybridumGB, VC17 Surrey, ReigateAlbert John Crosfield6/5/1889K
infoLinaria repensGB, VC17 Surrey, BucklandAlbert John Crosfield1/8/1910K
infoMentha arvensis x aquatica x spicata = M. x smithianaGB, VC17 Surrey, NutfieldAlbert John Crosfield11/9/1884K
infoMentha piperita var. piperitaGB, VC17 Surrey, WottonAlbert John Crosfield13/9/1890K
infoMentha x verticillata var. rivalisGB, VC17 Surrey, BrockhamAlbert John CrosfieldAlbert John Crosfield9/8/1886K
infoMonotropa hypopitysGB, VC17 Surrey, Reigate HillAlbert John Crosfield31/7/1886K
infoPlantago lanceolataGB, VC17 Surrey, ReigateAlbert John Crosfield4/5/1889K
infoPolygala vulgaris subsp. collinaGB, VC28 West Norfolk, Wells-on-SeaAlbert John CrosfieldAlbert John Crosfield13/7/1920BIRM
infoPulmonaria longifoliaGB, VC11 South Hampshire, Hinton AdmiralAlbert John CrosfieldAlbert John Crosfield10/3/1926BIRM
infoPyrola minorGB, VC66 County Durham, WolsinghamAlbert John Crosfield7/1897SHYB
infoScleranthus annuusGB, VC17 Surrey, Shalford CommonAlbert John Crosfield19/5/1894K

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