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Richard S Spruce (1817 - 1893)

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Search results, herbarium specimens collected by Richard S Spruce
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infoActaea spicataGB, VC62 North-east Yorkshire, HovinghamHenry IbbotsonJohn Bland Wood
Richard S Spruce
infoCarex dioicaGB, VC61 South-east Yorkshire, Heslington FieldRichard S Spruce5/1841E
infoCarex elongataGB, VC58 Cheshire, ChorltonJames Backhouse
Richard S Spruce
infoCarex laevigataGB, VC58 Cheshire, Rostherne MereRichard S SpruceJames Backhouse
Richard S Spruce
infoCarex lasiocarpaGB, VC62 North-east Yorkshire, Stockon CommonRichard S SpruceJames BackhouseE
infoCarex lasiocarpaGB, VC64 Mid-west Yorkshire, StocktonRichard S Spruce29/5/1841E
infoCarex lasiocarpaGB, East Yorkshire, York
GB, VC62 North-east Yorkshire, Stockton Common
Richard S Spruce6/1844BM
infoCarex spicataGB, VC62 North-east Yorkshire, Castle HowardRichard S SpruceAlbert John Crosfield1841BM
infoCarex spicataGB, VC62 North-east Yorkshire, Castle HowardJames Backhouse
Richard S Spruce
infoCarex strigosaGB, VC58 Cheshire, Cotterill CloughJohn Bland WoodJames Backhouse
Richard S Spruce
infoClimacium dendroidesGB, VC90 Angus, ForfarCruickshankRichard S Spruce8/1841MANCH
+Drosera anglicaGB, VC65 North-west Yorkshire, Leckby CarrRichard Spruce
Richard S Spruce
+Hymenophyllum wilsoniiGB, VC59 South Lancashire, Cliviger,Thieveley ScoutNowellRichard S Spruce8/1841MANCH
+Lobaria pulmonariaGB, VC64 Mid-west Yorkshire, WharfedaleRichard Spruce
Richard S Spruce
infoPyrola minorGB, VC62 North-east Yorkshire, HelmsleyRichard S SpruceJohn Bland Wood30/6/1841MANCH
infoPyrola minorGB, VC65 North-west Yorkshire, Aske WoodRichard S SpruceJohn Bland Wood27/7/1841MANCH

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