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Thomas Westcombe (1815 - 1893)

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Search results, herbarium specimens collected by Thomas Westcombe
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infoAntennaria dioicaGB, VC42 Breconshire, PontneddfechanThomas WestcombeCharles Bailey
John Wilson Rimington
Spencer Henry Bickham
infoBrassica napusGB, VC37 Worcestershire, BroadwasThomas WestcombeJoseph Hesselgrave Thompson
Thomas Westcombe
William Hunt Painter
infoCarex canescensGB, VC90 Angus, Glen DoleThomas WestcombeJohn Thomas Irvine Boswell-Syme1850BM
infoCarex divulsa subsp. divulsaGB, VC37 Worcestershire, WorcesterThomas WestcombeFrederick Janson Hanbury
John Thomas Irvine Boswell-Syme
infoCarex lachenaliiGB, VC92 South Aberdeenshire, LochnagarThomas WestcombeArthur Bennett
Charles Edgar Salmon
infoCarex leporinaGB, VC37 Worcestershire, MalvernThomas WestcombeFrederick Townsend1846SLBI
infoCarex otrubae x remota = C. x pseudoaxillarisGB, VC37 Worcestershire, WorcesterThomas WestcombeJohn Thomas Irvine Boswell-Syme1847BM
infoCarex ovalisGB, VC37 Worcestershire, CastlemortonThomas WestcombeJohn Thomas Irvine Boswell-Syme
Frederick Janson Hanbury
infoEleocharis uniglumisGB, VC91,VC92, AberdeenThomas WestcombeBotanical Society & Exchange Club of The British Isles
Alfred William Bennett
infoElodea canadensisGB, VC38 Warwickshire, CoventryThomas WestcombeJoseph Hesselgrave Thompson9/1857ABS
infoHypochaeris glabraGB, VC37 Worcestershire, Hartlebury CommonThomas WestcombeGeorge Cheetham Churchill1848K
infoHypochaeris glabraGB, VC37 Worcestershire, KidderminsterThomas Westcombe1848K
infoLuzula forsteri x pilosa = L. x borreriGB, VC36 Herefordshire, RossThomas WestcombeCharles Bailey
John Wilson Rimington
Spencer Henry Bickham
infoStachys germanicaGB, VC23 Oxfordshire, CharlburyThomas Westcombe1849K

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