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infoMentha arvensis x aquatica = M. x verticillataAT, Vienna CultivatedGeorge BenthamGeorge Bentham
Nicolaus Thomas Host
infoLeonurus cardiacaCA, Lake HuronToddWilliam Jackson HookerK
infoCuscuta epithymumCH, Geneva, GenevaFauconnetK
infoCuscuta epithymumCH, Geneva, GenevaPierre Edmond Boissier
William Jackson Hooker
infoVeronica fruticansCH, Glarus, Glarus AlpsOswald HeerWilliam Jackson Hooker3/1865K
infoDigitalis luteaCH, Jura, JuraJoseph Dalton Hooker
L Favrat
W Barbey
infoLavandula latifoliaCH, Vaud, Lausanne Cultivated30/7/1935K
infoLavandula latifoliaCH, Vaud, Lausanne Cultivated30/7/1935K
infoBlysmus compressusCHWilliam Jackson HookerK
infoHypochaeris glabra var. genuinaCHEdmond DavallJames Edward Smith1806K
infoHyssopus officinalisCHLester Vallis Lester-GarlandK
infoMonotropa hypopitysCHAylmer Bourke LambertK
infoPolystichum lonchitisCHWilliam Jackson HookerK
infoVeronica chamaedrysCH, ClarvilleForsyth
George Bentham
infoVeronica chamaedrysCH, ClarvilleForsyth
George Bentham
infoSilene conicaDE, Rheinland-Pfalz, KoblenzBotanical Society of Edinburgh
Warwickshire Museum
O W Sonder
infoVeronica triphyllosDE, Schleswig-Holstein, Sachsenwald1860K
infoScutellaria minorDE, Baden-Wurttemberg, TbingenGeorge Matthias Von MartensWilliam Jackson HookerK
infoPhlomis pratensisDE, Karsruhe, Baden-Wrttemberg20/7/1901K
infoCuscuta epithymumDK, Lolland-Falster, StubbekobingFrederik Georg Emil RostrupJohan Martin Christian LangeK
infoPlantago coronopusDZ, OranGeorge Curling JoadGeorge Curling Joad31/3/1873K
infoPlantago arborescensES, CanariasBotanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum Berlin-Dahlem14/3/2005K
infoLavandula pedunculata subsp. pedunculataES, Valencia, Betera Cultivated17/8/1980K
infoBupleurum tenuissimumES, Asturias, SantanderDurieu
William Jackson Hooker
infoLavandula pedunculata subsp. pedunculataES Cultivated9/8/1977K
infoPlantago coronopusES, CordobaGeorge Curling Joad4/4/1877K
infoLavandula chaytoriaeES, Granada Cultivated14/7/1991K
infoLavandula lanataES, Granada Cultivated3/9/1986K
infoLavandula pedunculata subsp. pedunculataES, Jaen, Arquillos4/11/1986K
infoBupleurum tenuissimumES, SantanderDurieu
William Jackson Hooker
infoVerbascum thapsus x nigrum = V. x semialbumFI, LohjaHarald Lindberg14/7/1916K
infoLinaria FR, Jura, Franche-ComtC PinEllen Ann Willmott2/10/1857K
infoGaleopsis segetumFR, Pyr, AlberesWilliam Jackson Hooker6/1819K
infoPlantago maritimaFR, Pyr, BiarritzGeorge Curling Joad4/5/1869K
infoBupleurum tenuissimumFR, C, ErquyEdward James Salisbury14/9/1905K
infoBupleurum tenuissimumFR, C, ErquyEdward James Salisbury14/9/1905K
infoMentha pulegiumFR, C, ErquyEdward James Salisbury12/9/1905K
infoScutellaria minorFR, C, ErquyEdward James Salisbury16/9/1905K
infoMonotropa hypopitysFR, Loir-et-Cher, Centre, Fort de RussyL MathonnotAlphonse Maille
infoVeronica arvensisFR, Alpes-Maritimes, MentoneGeorge Curling JoadGeorge Curling Joad25/3/1869K

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