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Search results, herbarium specimens from Great Britain and Ireland
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infoErodium cicutarium var. chaerophyllumGB, VC3 South Devon, DartmouthSHYB
infoBrassica oleraceaGB, VC3 South Devon, DartmouthSHYB
infoCrepis capillarisGB, VC3 South Devon, DartmouthSHYB
infoAllium GB, VC3 South Devon, Dawlish6/1896SHYB
infoVerbascum blattariaGB, VC3 South Devon, SlaptonSHYB
infoSison amomumGB, VC3 South Devon, SlaptonSHYB
infoInula conyzaeGB, VC3 South Devon, Slapton LeySHYB
infoMyriophyllum spicatumGB, VC3 South Devon, Slapton LeySHYB
infoGalium GB, VC3 South Devon, TeignmouthSHYB
infoSagina GB, VC3 South Devon, TorquaySHYB
infoAllium GB, VC3 South Devon, TotnesSHYB
infoTriglochin maritimaGB, VC3 South Devon, TotnesSHYB
infoJuncus acutusGB, VC4 North Devon, Braunton BurrowsSHYB
infoScirpoides holoschoenusGB, VC4 North Devon, Braunton BurrowsSHYB
infoCeterach officinarumGB, VC4 North Devon, ClovellySHYB
infoAsplenium ruta-murariaGB, VC4 North Devon, Hartland8/1862SHYB
infoVulpia bromoidesGB, VC4 North Devon, Ilfracombe1822SHYB
infoPolypodium vulgareGB, VC4 North Devon, Ilfracombe1862SHYB
infoAdiantum capillus-venerisGB, VC4 North Devon, Ilfracombe1862SHYB
infoBlechnum spicantGB, VC4 North Devon, Ilfracombe8/1862SHYB
infoAsplenium marinumGB, VC4 North Devon, Lundy Island8/1862SHYB
infoAsplenium marinumGB, VC4 North Devon, Lynton8/1862SHYB
infoFestuca rubraGB, VC4 North Devon, Westward Ho!SHYB
infoPlantago mediaGB, VC7 North Wiltshire, Monkton CombeSHYB
infoJuncus acutiflorusGB, VC9 Dorset, Branksome ChineSHYB
infoPulicaria dysentericaGB, VC9 Dorset, Catstock21/8/1893SHYB
infoGentianella campestrisGB, VC9 Dorset, Dorchester22/8/1893SHYB
infoDrosera anglicaGB, VC9 Dorset, East LulworthSHYB
infoEuphorbia amygdaloidesGB, VC9 Dorset, East Lulworth1893SHYB
infoHypericum androsaemumGB, VC9 Dorset, East Lulworth21/8/1893SHYB
infoDrosera rotundifoliaGB, VC9 Dorset, East Lulworth21/8/1893SHYB
infoGentiana pneumonantheGB, VC9 Dorset, East Lulworth21/8/1893SHYB
infoAnacamptis pyramidalisGB, VC9 Dorset, Poole HarbourSHYB
infoEuphorbia peplisGB, VC9 Dorset, Portland Isle1898SHYB
infoPastinaca sativaGB, VC9 Dorset, Swanage1898SHYB
infoBlackstonia perfoliataGB, VC9 Dorset, Swanage7/1898SHYB
infoAdonis autumnalisGB, VC9 Dorset, Tyneham6/1896SHYB
infoAtriplex portulacoidesGB, VC10 Isle of Wight, Yarmouth1898SHYB
infoAlthaea officinalisGB, VC10 Isle of Wight, Yarmouth1898SHYB
infoSpergularia marinaGB, VC10 Isle of Wight, Yarmouth14/8/1898SHYB

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