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infoWahlenbergia hederaceaGB, VC2 East Cornwall, Trevague, AltarnunWilliam Wise8/1884LAUS
infoVulpia bromoidesGB, VC2 East Cornwall, SaintThomas (Launceston)William Wise14/6/1888LAUS
infoViola riviniana x lacteaGB, VC2 East Cornwall, WithielWilliam WiseWilliam Wise24/5/1915LAUS
infoViola reichenbachianaGB, VC3 South Devon, Egg BucklandWilliam WiseWilliam Wise7/9/1888LAUS
infoViola palustrisGB, VC2 East Cornwall, Hawks' TorWilliam WiseWilliam Wise2/5/1882LAUS
infoViola odorataGB, VC2 East Cornwall, DutsonWilliam Wise3/1885LAUS
infoViola hirtaGB, VC3 South Devon, LeighamWilliam WiseWilliam Wise9/7/1888LAUS
infoViola arvensisGB, VC2 East Cornwall, LauncestonWilliam Wise27/8/1888LAUS
infoVinca majorGB, VC2 East Cornwall, LandueWilliam Wise7/1917LAUS
infoVicia tetraspermaGB, VC2 East Cornwall, LauncestonWilliam WiseWilliam Wise6/1892LAUS
infoVicia tetraspermaGB, VC2 East Cornwall, ParWilliam WiseWilliam Wise6/1916LAUS
infoVicia tenuifoliaGB, VC1 West Cornwall, FalmouthEdgar Thurston23/6/1918LAUS
infoVicia sylvaticaGB, VC4 North Devon, IlfracombeWilliam Wise4/7/1892LAUS
infoVicia sativa subsp. nigraGB, VC3 South Devon, Marsh Mills Station (Plympton)William WiseWilliam Wise21/5/1888LAUS
infoVicia orobusGB, VC2 East Cornwall, Near MarshgateWilliam WiseWilliam Wise29/6/1916LAUS
infoVicia orobusGB, VC2 East Cornwall, TreneglosWilliam WiseWilliam Wise11/5/1893LAUS
infoVicia hirsutaGB, VC2 East Cornwall, DutsonWilliam Wise3/7/1888LAUS
infoVicia craccaGB, VC2 East Cornwall, LauncestonWilliam WiseWilliam Wise8/1884LAUS
infoVicia bithynicaGB, VC3 South Devon, ExmouthWilliam Wise5/9/1904LAUS
infoVeronica scutellataGB, VC2 East Cornwall, DutsonWilliam Wise7/1883LAUS
infoVeronica politaGB, VC1 West Cornwall, FalmouthWilliam WiseWilliam Wise1/8/1917LAUS
infoVeronica persicaGB, VC2 East Cornwall, LauncestonWilliam Wise8/1884LAUS
infoVeronica peregrinaGB, VC1 West Cornwall, FalmouthC FoxWilliam Wise6/1926LAUS
infoVeronica officinalisGB, VC2 East Cornwall, LauncestonWilliam Wise5/1888LAUS
infoVeronica montanaGB, VC2 East Cornwall, LauncestonWilliam Wise7/1883LAUS
infoVeronica hederifoliaGB, VC2 East Cornwall, LauncestonWilliam WiseWilliam Wise7/5/1888LAUS
infoVeronica catenataGB, VC2 East Cornwall, BudeWilliam WiseWilliam Wise30/8/1894LAUS
infoVeronica beccabungaGB, VC2 East Cornwall, Chapel LauncestonWilliam Wise28/5/1888LAUS
infoVeronica arvensisGB, VC2 East Cornwall, LauncestonWilliam WiseWilliam Wise4/6/1888LAUS
infoVeronica agrestisGB, VC2 East Cornwall, LauncestonWilliam WiseWilliam Wise15/5/1888LAUS
infoVerbena officinalisGB, VC4 North Devon, YeolmbridgeWilliam Wise14/8/1890LAUS
infoVerbascum virgatumGB, VC1 West Cornwall, Falmouth BayWilliam WiseWilliam Wise31/7/1917LAUS
infoVerbascum thapsus x nigrum = V. x semialbumGB, VC1 West Cornwall, FalmouthWilliam Wise21/7/1917LAUS
infoVerbascum thapsusGB, VC2 East Cornwall, LauncestonWilliam WiseWilliam Wise8/1893LAUS
infoVerbascum phlomoidesGB, VC2 East Cornwall, ParWilliam WiseWilliam Wise1/8/1917LAUS
infoVerbascum nigrumGB, VC2 East Cornwall, FoweyWilliam Wise24/8/1908LAUS
infoValerianella rimosaGB, VC3 South Devon, TrushamWilliam WiseWilliam Wise14/6/1918LAUS
infoValerianella olitoriaGB, VC3 South Devon, The Hoe, PlymouthWilliam WiseWilliam Wise21/5/1888LAUS
infoValerianella eriocarpaGB, VC2 East Cornwall, CharlestownWilliam Wise16/6/1920LAUS
infoValerianella dentataGB, VC2 East Cornwall, TresplattWilliam WiseWilliam Wise8/9/1891LAUS

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