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infoCarex nigraDBC
infoCarex ovalisDBC
infoCentaurea nigraGB, VC86 Stirlingshire, StirlingA H FoordA H FoordDBC
infoCentaurea scabiosaDBC
infoCentaurea solstitialisDBC
infoCircaea lutetianaDBC
infoClematis vitalbaDBC
infoCorylus avellanaDBC
infoCrepis capillarisDBC
infoCrepis capillarisDBC
infoCrepis capillarisDBC
infoCynosurus cristatusDBC
infoCynosurus cristatusIE, VCH21 Co. Dublin, RathfarnhamGeorge H McLeanDBC
infoDactylis glomerataDBC
infoDaucus carotaGB, VC86 Stirlingshire, CambusbarronDBC
infoDeschampsia cespitosaDBC
infoDeschampsia flexuosaDBC
infoDescurainia sophiaDBC
infoDescurainia sophiaDBC
infoDryas octopetalaDBC
infoDryopteris filix-masDBC
infoEchinochloa crus-galliDBC
infoElodea canadensisDBC
infoEpilobium montanumDBC
infoEpilobium parviflorumDBC
infoErigeron canadensisGB, VC17 Surrey, Kew GardensDBC
infoErinus alpinusDBC
infoErodium cicutarium var. chaerophyllumDBC
infoErodium cicutarium var. chaerophyllumIE, VCH21 Co. Dublin, RushDBC
infoEuphorbia peplusDBC
infoFestuca arundinaceaDBC
infoFestuca heterophyllaDBC
infoFestuca rubraDBC
infoFumaria officinalisDBC
infoGaleopsis ladanumDBC
infoGaleopsis tetrahitDBC
infoGalium cinereumDBC
infoGalium helveticumDBC
infoGalium mollugoDBC
infoGalium odoratumDBC

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