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infoAnthriscus sylvestrisCH, Bern, SaanenB Macgowran23/5/1988GALW
infoCardamine pentaphyllosCH, Bern, SaanenB McGowran23/5/1988GALW
infoGeranium sylvaticumCH, Bern, SaanenB McGowran23/5/1988GALW
infoSanguisorba minorCH, Bern, SaanenB McGowran23/5/1988GALW
infoViola bifloraCH, Bern, SaanenB McGowran23/5/1988GALW
infoCarex ovalisDE, Niedersachsen, BalkseeMichael O'Connell10/6/1982GALW
infoRorippa amphibiaDE, Niedersachsen, BalkseeMichael O'Connell9/6/1982GALW
infoSium latifoliumDE, Bremen, BremerhavenMichael O'Connell10/6/1982GALW
infoStellaria palustrisDE, Bremen, BremerhavenMichael O'Connell10/6/1982GALW
infoThalictrum flavumDE, Bremen, BremerhavenMichael O'Connell10/6/1982GALW
infoLamium galeobdolonDE, Niedersachsen, DuderstadtMichael O'Connell5/1979GALW
infoLamium maculatumDE, Niedersachsen, DuderstadtMichael O'Connell5/1979GALW
infoViola rivinianaDE, Niedersachsen, DuderstadtMichael O'Connell5/1979GALW
infoGalium sylvaticumDE, Niedersachsen, GottingenMichael O'Connell5/1979GALW
infoCarex vesicariaDEMichael O'Connell9/6/1982GALW
infoCarex acutaDE, BalkseeMichael O'Connell19/7/1983GALW
infoCarex acutaDE, BalkseeMichael O'Connell10/6/1982GALW
infoCarex paniculataDE, BalkseeMichael O'Connell10/6/1982GALW
infoCarex pseudocyperusDE, Hallmer SeeMichael O'Connell9/6/1982GALW
infoCarex curtaDE, Neuenwalde, NiedersachsenMichael O'Connell9/6/1982GALW
infoCarex acutiformisDE, Wilhemshaven, NiedersachsenMichael O'Connell18/5/1982GALW
infoCarex lasiocarpaDE, Wilhemshaven, NiedersachsenMichael O'Connell18/5/1982GALW
infoCarex lyngbyeiFO, Trangjisvaag, SuderoeRichard Prendergast Vowell6/1892GALW
infoErysimum cheiranthoidesFR, Morbihan, Bretagne, BrittanyMicheline Joan Sheehy Skeffington6/8/1981GALW
infoPeucedanum lancifoliumFR, Ille-et-Vilaine, Bretagne, Dol de BretagneMicheline Joan Sheehy Skeffington8/1981GALW
infoPimpinella majorFR, Ille-et-Vilaine, Bretagne, Miniac-MotvanMicheline Joan Sheehy Skeffington5/8/1981GALW
infoScutellaria minorFR, Finist?re, Bretagne, MorlaixMicheline Joan Sheehy Skeffington13/8/1981GALW
infoTrifolium striatumFR, Ille-et-Vilaine, Bretagne, Pointe du GrouinMicheline Joan Sheehy Skeffington6/8/1981GALW
infoCruciata laevipesFR, BaisieuxMicheline Joan Sheehy Skeffington21/8/1981GALW
infoRubia tinctorumFR, CamargueMicheline Joan Sheehy Skeffington4/1977GALW
infoPlantago mediaFR, DigeonMicheline Joan Sheehy Skeffington18/8/1981GALW
infoReseda luteaFR, DigeonMicheline Joan Sheehy Skeffington18/8/1981GALW
infoEpilobium lanceolatumFR, Ille et Vilaine, BrittanyMicheline Joan Sheehy Skeffington5/8/1981GALW
infoDrosera intermediaFR, Lanneanaou, Morlaix, BrittanyMicheline Joan Sheehy Skeffington13/8/1981GALW
infoEuphrasia strictaFR, Lanneanaou, Morlaix, BrittanyMicheline Joan Sheehy Skeffington13/8/1981GALW
infoRadiola linoidesFR, Lanneanaou, Morlaix, BrittanyMicheline Joan Sheehy Skeffington13/8/1981GALW
infoGalium arenariumFR, Saint Pol de Lon, BrittanyMicheline Joan Sheehy Skeffington9/8/1981GALW
infoSpartina alternifloraGB, VC11 South Hampshire, Southampton1850GALW
infoDaucus glochidiatusGB, VC12 North Hampshire, BlackmoorMary McCallum Webster8/10/1960GALW
infoRumex crispusGB, VC13 West Sussex, SouthwaterScience & Art Museum Dublin
John Byrne Leicester Warren
John Byrne Leicester Warren

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