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infoAcalypha setosaUS, FL, Leon County, TallahasseeLoran C AndersonFSU
infoBignonia capreolataUS, FL, Jefferson County, Norias PlantationFSU
infoChamaesyce bombensisUS, FL, Franklin County, Saint George IslandRobert K GodfreyFSU
infoChamaesyce confertaUS, FLAllen Hiram CurtissUniversity of North Carolina
J A Holmes
infoChamaesyce hyssopifoliaUS, FL, Jackson County, Apalachee Game Management AreaGary R KnightFSU
infoChamaesyce hyssopifoliaUS, FL, Martin County, StuartRobert KralFSU
infoChenopodium ambrosioidesUS, FL, Collier County, NaplesCharles C. DeamFSU
infoClethra alnifoliaUS, FL, Leon County, Leon CountyFlorida State University, Robert K. Godfrey HerbariumFSU
infoCrocanthemum carolinianumUS, FL, Volusia County, Forest of ArdenElmer C. PrichardFSU
infoCrocanthemum carolinianumUS, FL, Taylor County, PerryLoran C AndersonFSU
infoEvolvulus sericeusUS, FL, Jackson County, SneadsS.W. LeonardFSU
infoGalarhoeus trichotomusUS, FL, Monroe County, Content KeysFrank Almeda
Kathy Whitney
Rose Broome
infoIpomoea purpureaUS, FL, Leon County, TallahasseeRobert K GodfreyFSU
infoIresine diffusaUS, FL, Columbia County, Three Rivers EstatesAngus Gholson
Robert K Godfrey
infoIresine diffusaUS, FL, Columbia County, Three Rivers EstatesAngus Gholson
Robert K Godfrey
infoLechea sessilifloraUS, FL, Gilchrist County, TrentonRobert K GodfreyFSU
infoSebastiania fruiticosaUS, FL, Suwannee County, EllavilleGwynn W Ramsey
Richard S Mitchell
Robert K Godfrey
infoTiedemannia filiformisUS, FL, Gulf CountyS.W. LeonardFSU
infoTiedemannia filiformis subsp. greenmanniiUS, FL, Gulf CountyRobert K GodfreyIllinois Natural History Survey (ILLS)
Robert K Godfrey
infoAsimina longifolia var. spatulataUS, FL, Leon CountyRobert KralFSU
infoAtriplex arenariaUS, FL, Franklin County, Dog IslandLoran C AndersonFSU
infoCeratiola ericoidesUS, FL, Levy County, WillistonRobert KralFSU
infoCeratophyllum demersumUS, FL, Franklin County, Saint Vincent IslandLoran C AndersonFlorida State University, Robert K. Godfrey HerbariumFSU
infoHelianthemum carolinianumUS, FL, Wakulla County, Saint Marks National Wildlife Refuge (Wakulla Unit)Loran C AndersonFSU
infoHeliotropium indicumUS, FL, Liberty County, Torreya State ParkRobert K GodfreyTall Timbers Research StationFSU
infoMomordica charantiaUS, FL, Palm Beach County, West Palm BeachTiffant BreauchyFSU
infoPoinsettia cyathophoraUS, FL, Franklin County, ApalachicolaLoran C AndersonFSU
infoAmaranthus crassipesUS, FL, Monroe County, Key WestAllen Hiram CurtissColorado A & M College30/6/1885FSU
infoSesuvium pentandrumUS, FL, Monroe County, Key WestAllen Hiram Curtiss10/4/1896FSU
infoAcalypha gracilensUS, FL, Brevard County, Eau GallieAllen Hiram CurtissColorado A & M College
Illinois Natural History Survey (ILLS)
Allen Hiram Curtiss
infoAmaranthus australisUS, FL, Brevard County, Cape CanaveralAllen Hiram CurtissColorado A & M College18/9/1896FSU
infoAlternanthera pungensUS, FL, Escambia County, PensacolaAllen Hiram Curtiss3/7/1897FSU
infoEuphorbia pubentissimaUS, FL, Gadsden County, ChattahoocheeLoran C Anderson22/10/1897FSU
infoLechea torreyiUS, FL, Braidentown, FloridaS M Tracy26/7/1901FSU
infoEuphorbia polyphyllaUS, FL, Broward County, Fort LauderdaleJ K Small
J.J. Carter
Florida State University, Robert K. Godfrey Herbarium19/11/1903
infoChamaesyce bombensisUS, FL, Miami-Dade County, MiamiE.W. Small
J K Small
New York Botanical Garden
University of North Carolina
infoCuscuta obtusiflora var. glandulosaUS, FL, Alachua County, Gainesville, Hogtown CreekG.G. Hedgcock26/10/1915FSU
infoEvolvulus sericeusUS, FL, Polk County, AuburnvilleJames B McFarlin10/5/1927FSU
infoChamaesyce hyssopifoliaUS, FL, Gilchrist County, WilcoxRobert K Godfrey5/9/1927FSU
infoEuphorbia exsertaUS, FL, Oak RidgeJ K SmallNew York Botanical Garden5/1928FSU

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