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infoAnacamptis morioGB, VC55 Leicestershire, BraunstoneFrederick Archibald Sowter5/1914BR
infoAnacamptis morioGB, VC62 North-east Yorkshire, ThirskJohn Gilbert BakerBotanical Exchange Club of the Thirsk Natural History Society

infoAnacamptis pyramidalisGB, VC3 South Devon, SidmouthFrederick Archibald Sowter3/8/1927BR
infoAnacamptis pyramidalisGB, VC14 East Sussex, SeafordArthur Allman BullockRoyal Botanic Gardens, Kew10/7/1960BR
infoAnacamptis pyramidalisGB, VC15 East Kent, BarhamP. Gossage15/7/1967BR
infoAnacamptis pyramidalisGB, VC15 East Kent, DoverDupuis1896BR
infoAnacamptis pyramidalisGB, VC15 East Kent, Walmer CastleAlex Halley1840BR
infoAnacamptis pyramidalisGB, VC17 Surrey, BucklandJohn Linnell

John Linnell
infoAnacamptis pyramidalisGB, VC17 Surrey, ReigateTheodore August Louis Francois Gentil6/1896BR
infoAnacamptis pyramidalisGB, VC17 Surrey, ReigateG. Neville26/7/1912BR
infoAnacamptis pyramidalisGB, VC22 Berkshire, UptonCharles Edward Hubbard27/6/1937BR
infoAnacamptis pyramidalisGBCarl Friedrich Philipp von Martius19/6/1862BR
infoCephalanthera damasoniumGB, VC7 North Wiltshire, Devizes, Roundway DownThomas Bruges Flower
Thomas Bruges Flower
infoCephalanthera damasoniumGB, VC17 Surrey, East HorsleyWilliam Bertram Turrill
Victor Samuel Summerhayes
infoCephalanthera longifoliaGB, VC17 Surrey, Reigate15/6/1899BR
infoCephalanthera longifoliaGB, VC17 Surrey, Reigate HillJohn Linnell6/1859BR
infoCoeloglossum virideBR
infoCoeloglossum virideAT, MondseeRudolph HinterhuberCarl Friedrich Philipp von Martius1836BR
infoCoeloglossum virideFR, Hauts-de-Seine,, Plessis-Piquet1843BR
infoCoeloglossum virideFR, Fontainebleau6/1832BR
infoCoeloglossum virideGB, VC55 Leicestershire, WalthamFrederick Archibald Sowter6/1929BR
infoCoeloglossum virideGB, VC62 North-east Yorkshire, AytonWilliam A MuddArmand Thielens1859BR
infoCoeloglossum virideGB, VC64 Mid-west Yorkshire, Hack FallWilliam George Maton
Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius
infoCoeloglossum virideGB, Ambiguous locality (GB), ClovaM. GreeneHerb Horti Bot Nat BelgBR
infoCoeloglossum virideGB, VC103 Mid Ebudes, VaulIolo Aneurin WilliamsThe British Museum28/6/1947BR
infoCorallorhiza trifidaDavid DonBR
infoCorallorhiza trifidaDavid DonBR
infoCorallorhiza trifidaAndreas Sauter1834BR
infoCorallorhiza trifidaCH, Appenzell Inner Rhoden, AppenzellNaumann1815BR
infoCorallorhiza trifidaGB, VC83 Midlothian, EdinburghBotanical Society of Edinburgh
George Seton
Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius
infoCorallorhiza trifidaGB, VC83 Midlothian, RavelrigDavid DonDavid Don
Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius
infoCorallorhiza trifidaGB, VC92 South Aberdeenshire, InverurieJohn Petrie BissetJ E De Langhe10/6/1881BR
infoCorallorhiza trifidaGBDavid Don
Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius
infoCorallorhiza trifidaGB, EnglandDavid Don
Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius
infoCorallorhiza trifidaGB, EnglandDavid DonCarl Friedrich Philipp von MartiusBR
infoEpipactis palustrisGB, VC17 Surrey, MersthamHenry Martin HolmanBotanical Society of London1840BR
infoEpipactis palustrisGB, VC27 East Norfolk, Sheringham
GB, VC55 Leicestershire, Botcheston Bog
Frederick Archibald Sowter7/1914BR
infoEpipactis palustrisGB, VC41 Glamorganshire, PorthcawlC. Helsby22/7/1952BR
infoEpipactis palustrisGB, VC59 South Lancashire, CrosbyHenry Ecroyd SmithBotanical Exchange Club of the Thirsk Natural History Society

infoEpipactis palustrisGB, VC69 Westmorland, RoanheadPhyllis Mary ChorleyThe British Museum17/7/1980BR

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