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infoListera cordataAT, KitzbhelJoseph TraunsteinerCarl Friedrich Philipp von Martius1834BR
infoHabenaria virideAT, MondseeRudolph HinterhuberCarl Friedrich Philipp von Martius1836BR
infoListera cordataAT, MondseeCarl Friedrich Philipp von Martius
Rudolph Hinterhuber
infoSaxifraga spathularisBE, Louvain CultivatedLayardC. Bamps
infoEuphrasia arcticaCA, Quebec, Lac PayneAlbert Legault
Samuel Brisson
infoEuphrasia arcticaCA, Quebec, Lac PayneAlbert Legault
Samuel Brisson
infoEuphrasia arcticaCA, Quebec, PaspbiacE F Williams
Merritt Lyndon Fernald
Asa Gray27/7/1902BR
infoEuphrasia arcticaCA, Quebec, Pointe NouvelleE F Williams
Merritt Lyndon Fernald
Plantae Exsiccatae Grayanae30/7/1902BR
infoCorallorhiza trifidaCH, Appenzell Inner Rhoden, AppenzellNaumann1815BR
infoSaxifraga spathularisCHJ. Jaque
infoListera cordataDE, Rheinland-Pfalz, KaltenbornA. BraunDecaisneBR
infoListera cordataDE, Bayern, Piniferus MonsCarl Friedrich Philipp von Martius
infoListera cordataDE, Bayern, Thrle29/8/1849BR
infoEuphrasia arctica subsp. borealisDK, Svinklv
Peder Pedersen
Aarhus University Botanical Institute4/7/1966BR
infoSaxifraga spathularisDZ, BlidahComes6/1865BR
infoSaxifraga spathularisDZ, ChraA. Dubuis3/6/1983BR
infoSaxifraga spathularisDZ, ElemeenAntonio Magnaguti-Rondinini5/6/1858BR
infoSaxifraga spathularisES, Andalucia, Sierra de TejedaPierre Edmond Boissier6/1837BR
infoSaxifraga spathularisES, Galicia, SilledaJose Maria Losa Quintana6/5/1975BR
infoSaxifraga spathularisES, Castaedo10/7/1953BR
infoSaxifraga spathularisES, Puerto VentanaConstant Vanden Berghen9/7/1974BR
infoSaxifraga spathularisES, Sierra NevadaBoissur
infoSaxifraga spathularisES, SilledaJose Maria Losa Quintana6/5/1975BR
infoEuphrasia nemorosaFI, TuusulaKukkonen31/8/1977BR
infoEuphrasia tetraquetraFR, Finist?re, Bretagne, Baie des TrpasssPaul Sotiaux11/8/1971BR
infoEuphrasia tetraquetraFR, C, DinanJacques LambinonJacques Duvigneaud29/5/1960BR
infoEuphrasia tetraquetraFR, C, DinanPaul Sotiaux12/8/1971BR
infoHabenaria virideFR, Hauts-de-Seine,, Plessis-Piquet1843BR
infoEuphrasia tetraquetraFR, Morbihan, Bretagne, Presqu'le de QuiberonPaul Sotiaux8/1971BR
infoEuphrasia tetraquetraFR, Ambleteuse CultivatedJacques Duvigneaud
Jacques Lambinon
P Auquier
infoEuphrasia tetraquetraFR, AmbleteuseJacques Duvigneaud
Jacques Lambinon
P Auquier
Jacques Duvigneaud31/10/1973BR
infoEuphrasia tetraquetraFR, AmbleteuseJacques DuvigneaudJacques Duvigneaud31/10/1973BR
infoEuphrasia tetraquetraFR, Cherbourg, Basse-Normandie1/9/1890BR
infoHabenaria virideFR, Fontainebleau6/1832BR
infoEuphrasia tetraquetraFR, Fort des DunesFilip Verloove3/7/1994BR
infoEuphrasia arcticaFR, La HunireL D CoudrayL D Coudray1846BR
infoEuphrasia tetraquetraFR, Pointe de LavardeL de Bullemont29/7/1867BR
infoEuphrasia tetraquetraFR, SangatteGeerin22/7/1986BR
infoEuphrasia tetraquetraFR, WissantJacques Lambinon23/8/1989BR
infoEuphrasia confusaGB, VC3 South Devon, DartmoorFrederick Archibald Sowter8/1929BR

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