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infoCorallorhiza trifidaDavid DonBR
infoCorallorhiza trifidaDavid DonBR
infoCorallorhiza trifidaGBCarl Friedrich Philipp von Martius
David Don
infoCorallorhiza trifidaGB, EnglandCarl Friedrich Philipp von Martius
David Don
infoCorallorhiza trifidaGB, EnglandDavid DonCarl Friedrich Philipp von MartiusBR
infoEuphrasia arcticaIS, BdirConstant Vanden BerghenBR
infoEuphrasia tetraquetraPT, LindosoJacques DuvigneaudBR
infoHabenaria albidaGB, VC60 West Lancashire, LancasterThomas GageCarl Friedrich Philipp von MartiusBR
infoHabenaria virideBR
infoHabenaria virideGB, VC64 Mid-west Yorkshire, Hack FallCarl Friedrich Philipp von Martius
William George Maton
infoHabenaria virideGB, Ambiguous locality (GB), ClovaM. GreeneHerb Horti Bot Nat BelgBR
infoListera cordataStromayerBR
infoListera cordataDE, Rheinland-Pfalz, KaltenbornA. BraunDecaisneBR
infoListera cordataGB, ScotlandCarl Friedrich Philipp von MartiusBR
infoSaxifraga spathularisBR
infoSaxifraga spathularisCHJ. Jaque
infoSaxifraga spathularisIEH.G. RabynsBR
infoHammarbya paludosaBerof1785BR
infoSpiranthes spiralis1785BR
infoListera ovataGB, Wiltshire, WhaddonLinnean Society of London
Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius
William George Maton
infoOrchis masculaGB, VC8 South Wiltshire, AlderburyCarl Friedrich Philipp von Martius
William George Maton
infoNeotinea ustulataGB, VC64 Mid-west Yorkshire, KnaresboroughCarl Friedrich Philipp von Martius1796BR
infoCorallorhiza trifidaCH, Appenzell Inner Rhoden, AppenzellNaumann1815BR
infoListera cordataDE, Bayern, Piniferus MonsCarl Friedrich Philipp von Martius
infoCorallorhiza trifidaGB, VC83 Midlothian, EdinburghBotanical Society of Edinburgh
Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius
George Seton
infoGoodyera repensGB, VC94 Banffshire, Gordon CastleCarl Friedrich Philipp von Martius
David Don
infoListera cordataGB, VC90 Angus, ClovaCarl Friedrich Philipp von Martius
infoCorallorhiza trifidaGB, VC83 Midlothian, RavelrigDavid DonCarl Friedrich Philipp von Martius
David Don
infoHabenaria virideFR, Fontainebleau6/1832BR
infoCorallorhiza trifidaAndreas Sauter1834BR
infoListera cordataAT, KitzbhelJoseph TraunsteinerCarl Friedrich Philipp von Martius1834BR
infoSpiranthes spiralisGB, VC27 East Norfolk, CleyJohn Stevens Henslow8/1834BR
infoHabenaria virideAT, MondseeRudolph HinterhuberCarl Friedrich Philipp von Martius1836BR
infoListera cordataAT, MondseeCarl Friedrich Philipp von Martius
Rudolph Hinterhuber
infoSaxifraga spathularisES, Andalucia, Sierra de TejedaPierre Edmond Boissier6/1837BR
infoSaxifraga spathularisES, Sierra NevadaBoissur
infoListera cordataGB, VC94 Banffshire, AlvahBotanical Society of Edinburgh
Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius
William Alexander Stables
infoHabenaria albidaVC87, GloomhillJohn Thomas Irvine Boswell-SymeBotanical Society of Edinburgh28/6/1839BR
infoSpiranthes spiralisIT, Italy, PisaP SaviCarl Friedrich Philipp von Martius
Horti Pisani
infoAnacamptis pyramidalisGB, VC15 East Kent, Walmer CastleAlex Halley1840BR

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