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Arabis glabra (L.) Bernh. "Tower Mustard"

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infoArabis glabraMary Ann BrooksMary Ann BrooksBIRM
infoArabis glabraDorothy Ellis de VesianDorothy Ellis de VesianGLR
+Arabis glabraGB, VC23 Oxfordshire, OxfordJohn Hutton BalfourPTH
+Arabis glabraGB, VC25 East SuffolkHookerWarrington Museum
William Wilson
+Arabis glabraGB, VC57 DerbyshireJohn Hutton BalfourPTH
+Arabis glabraGB, VC57 Derbyshire, StapenhillD J HarrisMANCH
+Arabis glabraGB, VC62 North-east Yorkshire, ThirskMANCH
+Arabis glabraGB, VC87 West Perthshire, CleishJohn Hutton BalfourPTH
+Arabis glabraGB, PerthshirePTH
+Arabis glabraGB, PerthshirePerthshire Society of Natural SciencePTH
+Arabis glabraGB, VC40 Shropshire, Leaton KnollsJohn Eddowes Bowman11/6/1835MANCH
+Arabis glabraGB, VC77 Lanarkshire, Glasgow,Greenstone QuarryJohn Ray Hardy7/1836MANCH
+Arabis glabraGB, VC27 East NorfolkCharles Bailey
John Wilson Rimington
Spencer Henry Bickham
+Arabis glabraGB, VC17 Surrey, Esher,Fairmile1841MANCH
+Arabis glabraJohn Bland Wood6/1842MANCH
+Arabis glabraGB, VC17 Surrey, Godalming6/1842MANCH
+Arabis glabraGB, VC25 East Suffolk, IpswichWilliam Lowndes Notcutt6/1843MANCH
+Arabis glabraGB, VC25 East Suffolk, Ipswich,Hog IslandWilliam Lowndes NotcuttCharles Bailey
William Lowndes Notcutt
+Arabis glabraGB, VC87 West PerthshireSpencer Henry Bickham1846MANCH
infoArabis glabraGB, VC37 Worcestershire, BewdleyWilliam Hunt Painter30/5/1849ABS
infoArabis glabraGB, VC17 Surrey, Moulsey HurstJohn Thomas Irvine Boswell-SymeBotanical Society of London
Augustin Ley
John Thomas Irvine Boswell-Syme
+Arabis glabraGB, VC65 North-west Yorkshire, CatterickJames Ward6/1853MANCH
+Arabis glabraGB, VC40 ShropshireBosdin Thomas Leech17/6/1853MANCH
infoArabis glabraGB, VC34 West Gloucestershire, Saint Vincent's RocksGustavus A Ornano St Brody1854GLR
infoArabis glabraGB, VC16 West Kent, LewishamThomas IngallAlfred William Bennett
Augustin Ley
William Hillhouse
infoArabis glabraGB, VC20 Hertfordshire, HatfieldAugustin Ley
William Hillhouse
+Arabis glabraGB, VC62 North-east Yorkshire, ThirskJohn Gilbert Baker7/1859MANCH
infoArabis glabraGB, VC57 Derbyshire, Repton
GB, VC57 Derbyshire, Ticknall
Augustin LeyAugustin Ley30/6/1864BIRM
infoArabis glabraGB, VC38 Warwickshire, Ward EndBirmingham Natural History and Philosophical Society7/1865BIRM
infoArabis glabraGB, VC38 Warwickshire, Ward EndWilliam Hunt PainterWilliam Hunt Painter7/1865ABS
+Arabis glabraGB, VC17 Surrey, Wimbledon,RidgewaySamuel Octavus Gray8/1869MANCH
+Arabis glabraGB, VC62 North-east Yorkshire, ThirskFrederick Addison9/6/1870MANCH
infoArabis glabraGB, VC62 North-east Yorkshire, ThirskFrederick AddisonAugustin Ley9/6/1870BIRM
+Arabis glabraGB, VC17 Surrey, Virginia WaterJohn Harbord Lewis1871MANCH
+Arabis glabraGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, PitcairngreenH Wilkie15/4/1871PTH
+Arabis glabraGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, PitcairngreenH Wilkie15/4/1871PTH
+Arabis glabraGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, AlmondbankPerthshire Society of Natural Science8/6/1871PTH
+Arabis glabraGB, VC21 Middlesex, HamptonW WhiteCharles Bailey6/1873MANCH
+Arabis glabraGB, VC37 Worcestershire, Barnsberrow(?)A L E6/1873MANCH
+Arabis glabraGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, Almond BridgeJohn Sim1874PTH

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