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Urtica dioica L. "Common Nettle"

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Search results, herbarium specimens from Great Britain and Ireland
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+Urtica dioicaGB, VC88 Mid Perthshire, PerthWilliam HerdA J Simpson1/10/1892PTH
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC36 Herefordshire, RossAugustin LeyAugustin Ley3/9/1894BIRM
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC36 Herefordshire, SellackAugustin LeyAugustin Ley4/9/1894BIRM
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC58 Cheshire, EasthamJames Alfred WheldonBotanical Exchange Club of The British Isles
Augustin Ley
James Alfred Wheldon
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC42 Breconshire, LlanwrtydAugustin LeyAugustin Ley16/7/1895BIRM
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC36 Herefordshire, Great DowardAugustin LeyAugustin Ley24/7/1897BIRM
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC36 Herefordshire, YattonAugustin LeyAugustin Ley27/7/1897BIRM
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC44 Carmarthenshire, Nant MwynAugustin LeyAugustin Ley8/1897BIRM
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC42 Breconshire, BreconAugustin LeyAugustin Ley22/8/1897BIRM
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC21 Middlesex, WillesdenWilliam Robert SherrinWilliam Robert Sherrin9/1897SLBI
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC36 Herefordshire, BromyardAugustin LeyAugustin Ley16/8/1898BIRM
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC19 North Essex, Bush EndDouglas Montague HeathDouglas Montague Heath7/1901BIRM
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC39 Staffordshire, HawkesyardHenry Peter ReaderWatson Botanical Exchange Club
Harold Stuart Thompson
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC36 Herefordshire, ThornburyAugustin LeyAugustin Ley16/8/1901BIRM
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC55 Leicestershire, LeicesterWilliam BellHarold Stuart Thompson10/1902BIRM
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC16 West Kent, KestonWilliam Henry GriffinAllan Octavian Hume22/7/1903SLBI
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC16 West Kent, RavensbourneWilliam Henry GriffinAllan Octavian Hume29/7/1903SLBI
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC17 Surrey, West WickhamWilliam Henry GriffinAllan Octavian Hume12/8/1903SLBI
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC55 Leicestershire, QuornFrances Louisa Foord-KelceyWatson Botanical Exchange Club
Harold Stuart Thompson
Arthur Reginald Horwood
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC21 Middlesex, Shepherds BushWalter Stiles25/8/1906BIRM
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC17 Surrey, Cottenham ParkCharles Edward BrittonCharles Edward Britton17/6/1907SLBI
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC36 Herefordshire, Kerne BridgeAugustin LeyAugustin Ley7/8/1909BIRM
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC36 Herefordshire, Kerne BridgeAugustin LeyAugustin Ley7/8/1909BIRM
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC57 Derbyshire, Monsal DaleCroydon Natural History and Scientific Society
Stafford Edwin Chandler
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC24 Buckinghamshire, Little KimbleFrances Louisa Foord-KelceyBotanical Exchange Club of The British Isles
Augustin Ley
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC29 Cambridgeshire, Coe FenRichard Charles L'Estrange Burges12/8/1920BIRM
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC20 Hertfordshire, OxheyIsaac A HelsbyIsaac A Helsby11/8/1922SLBI
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC17 Surrey, Croydon, Croham HurstJob Edward LousleyJob Edward Lousley5/7/1924SLBI
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC16 West Kent, Abbey WoodSt John MarriottIsaac A Helsby5/8/1927SLBI
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC6 North Somerset, ClevedonHarold Stuart ThompsonHarold Stuart Thompson28/8/1932BIRM
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC21 Middlesex, ChiswickEdward Benedict BangerterEdward Benedict Bangerter11/6/1936SLBI
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC21 Middlesex, ElstreeGaster26/6/1937SLBI
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC16 West Kent, SwanscombePhilip Henry CookeNorth London Natural History Society Local Herbarium25/6/1938SLBI
infoUrtica dioicaGB, VC23 Oxfordshire, EynshamCharles Edward Hubbard
William Bertram Turrill
Job Edward Lousley5/8/1943SLBI

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