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Amos Carr (1829-1884) == biography == <Amos Carr (c. 1829-1884), originally of Frant on the Kent-Sussex border, and then of Warwick, lived his later years in Sheffield. As a rural postman, he learned many of the plants of the districts where he worked. In Sheffield, however, he was in trade as a bootmaker and spent his limited spare time in studying the local plants, specialising in roses, brambles and willows. He was evidently active with the Sheffield Naturalists’ Club, leading an excursion up the Rivelin Valley in 1881 (reported in Sheffield Naturalists’ Club Annual Report for 1881). A collection of his plants was presented to Sheffield Museum, now mostly lost. It contained 53 bryophytes (listed in Sheff. Nat. Club Ann. Rep. for 1884). Through his correspondence with F.A. Lees, many of his records appeared in Lees’ Flora of West Yorkshire (1888), and there are some of his bryophytes in Lees’ herbarium at Bradford. [T. Blockeel Bulletin of the British Bryological Society, 38, 38-48 (July 1981)]

The Botanical Locality Record Club Report for 1877 ( shows as a member for that year Amos CARR of 487 Glossop Road, Sheffield. >

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