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Harald Lindberg (1871-1963)



Born 2 September 1871 Helsinki Finland, son of Sextus Otto Lindberg (Botany professor).
Older brother was Björn Lindberg 1860-1954 (pomologist).
Accepted as member Societa pro Fauna et Flora Fennica in 1889 (aged 18).
1890-1894 studied natural science at Imperial Alexander University now University of Helsinki.
1895 married Vivi Ottilia Charlotta Grotenfelt.
1896-1904 taught in secondary schools.
1897-1898 also worked as temporary assistant in laboratory of Botanical Institution.
Curator Botanical Museum 1897-1910, later custos (custodian). Only permanent employee until 1931.
Inspired to study Alchemilla by publications of Swiss botanist Robert Buser 1857-1931.
PhD in 1910 'Der nordischen Alchemilla vulgaris-Formen und ihre Verbreitung' (The Nordic Alchemilla vulgaris-forms and their distribution).
Although of retirement age in 1938 continued until 1941.
1946 honorary Professorship.

Collected in Finnish regions 1890-1938.
1905 Austria-Hungary (Dalmatia, Montenegro).
Afterwards Western Mediterranean: 1924 Sicily; 1926 Spain, Morocco.
1932 England, Ireland.
1939 Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus.
Died 13 March 1963 Helsinki Finland.

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