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Mr Langley Kitching (1835-1910)



Born in Leeds in July, 1835 but went to school in York; married Elizabeth Shackleton in 1875 (in Leeds). In 1881, they were living at Caledonian Road in Leeds. Former Mayor of Bewdley (twice in the period 1890 - 190), family House called Rosenhurst in Park Lane area, now pulled down - though referenced on one or two of his H@H sheets. He is credited with being instrumental in bringing the piped water supply to the town in 1901. Member of the Society of Friends. When younger, he travelled to Madascasgar and collected Ferns - article by J G Baker in J. Bot 1880. He is described as being a retired Stockbroker, living at Rosenhurst in the 1891 & 1901 censuses.

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Local newspaper article.
Death of Elizabeth widow of Langley Kitching 23/10/1912
Plan of Friends' Meeting House etc. at Lower Park, Bewdley, by Langley Kitching.

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