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Nathaniel John Winch (1768-1838)



Nathaniel John Winch 1768 - 1838

British botanist, lichenologist, and geologist based in Newcastle.
His devotion to scientific pursuits led to neglect of his business interests. He published various books and articles, and was one of the fathers of botany in the northeast. He has been credited with the discovery of Pyrola media (Intermediate Wintergreen).

Born at Hampton, Middlesex, 20 December 1768
Fellow of the Linnean Society in 1803
Sheriff of Newcastle for year 1805
Honorary member of the Geological Soc. in 1808
Bankrupt (as iron-merchant and anchor-smith) 1808
Natural Hist. Soc. of Northumberland & Durham founded, Winch elected co-secretary 1829
Died unmarried at his house, 2 Ridley Place, Pilgrim Street, Newcastle, 5 May 1838
Left library and herbarium to the Linnean Society.

When writing labels for herbarium sheets he did not always sign his name and had the habit of abbreviating county names, such that Northumberland will be Northd, or even just Nd, as in the example below.

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