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Philip Anton Christoph Endress (1806-1831)


Signed himself "Endreß" so the final letter may look like a single 's' or 'z'. Collected in his own right, but also obtained duplicates from other botanists. Labels usually beautifully prepared with extensive notes.
Born 1806 Lustenau near Ellwangen, Baden-Württemberg.
Trained as a pharmacist with his uncle Emmanuel Friedrich Hartmann, between 1822-1824, and with whom he collected around Strasbourg in 1823.
1827-1828 assistant to Jean Gaudin.
Died 1831 of malaria in Strasbourg after returning from his third trip for the "Unio itineraria" (a German Scientific Society supported by William I of Württemberg) in the Pyrenees.

(Many of the above details from Taxon (1973) 22, 389-390.)

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