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Dr Robert Coane Roberts Jordan (1825-24/5/1890)



There are several sheets associated with RCR Jordan. Sometime these sheets have additional initials associated with them. These initials may be associated with his brothers & sisters, and daughter. The parents and family are associated with Teignmouth. The three brothers were:
Robert Coane Roberts Jordan, R C R J
Charles James Rufus Jordan, C J R J
William Risdon Hall Jordan W R H J (see link below)
and the sister was:
Francis Selina Sophia Jordan F S S J.
The daughter of R C R Jordan and his wife Elizabeth was Emily Francis Jordan - E F J (these initials appear on some sheets - see Message board)

For many years R C R Jordan and his family lived in/around Birmingham where he was a medic (Profesor) at Queen's College, Birmingham. Apart from his botanical contributions, he wrote papers and letters to many entomological and natural history journals.

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