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Eva Sylvia Haines (1900-1983)

Eva Mary FENN was born in Holloway in 1873 and she married Frederick Haselfoot HAINES (keen spider collector) and they had the following children:

Frederick Merlin HAINES (1898-1964). Frederick was born on 8 July 1898 in Winfrith, Dorset.18 He died on 29 December 1964.

Eva Sylvia HAINES (1900-1983). Eva Sylvia was born on 12 October 1900 in Wareham. She died on January 1983 in Ringwood.

Gladys Mary HAINES (1905- ?). Gladys was born in 1905 in Winfrith.

Rowena Mabel HAINES (1908- ). Rowena was born in 1908 in Winfrith.

Eva Sylvia Haines 'generally' went under the name of Sylvia. She was a keen botanist and often botanised with her uncle Henry Haselfoot Haines. He acknowledges her help in the preparation of 'The Botany of Behar and Orissa' (in the preface). When he died, she was one of the trustees of his estate; his herbarium was bequeathed to Sylvia and Gladys, to be divided as they decided.


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