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William Sole (1741-7/2/1802)



Apothecary and botanist, who specialised in members of the genus Mentha, particularly their cultivation in his own 'botanic garden'.
1741 Born in Little Thetford, Cambridgeshire.
Studied at the King's School, Ely, followed by an apprenticeship to Robert Cory as an apothecary in Cambridge. When qualifyed, moved to Bath.
1788 One of the first associates elected to the newly founded Linnean Society.
1798 Author of Menthae Britannicae (see REGISTER OF PLATES from RHS Lindley Library).
Presented account of 'British grasses and their uses' to Bath and West of England Agricultural Society for which awarded silver tankard 1799.
Died, 7 February 1802, at his home in Trim Street, Bath.

Sole used the term Flora Somersetensis (abbreviated 'FS' or 'Flo. Som.').
In Proceedings of the Linnean Society 1937, it states that he '... explains that Flora Somersetensis refers only to my Garden Catalogue - which consists of ex tempore names - made on the Ground in time of first introducing any Plant in to my Garden', thus inferring that such specimens are 'cultivated, Bath'.

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