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Hugh Neville Dixon

Hugh Neville Dixon

map of herbarium specimens attributed to Hugh Neville Dixon.
name:Hugh Neville Dixon
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source:Kent DH & Allen DE. 1984. British and Irish Herbaria. London.



VC3, VC5, VC6, VC7, VC8, VC10, VC11
VC14, VC18, VC19, VC25, VC28, VC29
VC48, VC49, VC52
VC32, VC33, VC36, VC37, VC38, VC42, VC57
VC64, VC66, VC67, VC68, VC69, VC70, VC82
VC87, VC88, VC96, VC97, VC98, VC103, VC104, VC105
VC107, VC108

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