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Collector search

You can use this page to help identify unrecognised or hard to read names on specimen labels. Type in the first letter of a name or first few letters of a name in the 'collector name' box below. A range of collector names will then be displayed. One of which could be the name you're looking for.

In addition, to help decipher specimen labels, Herbaria United is building up a reference set of collectors' handwriting, (any handwriting specimens or suggestions extremely welcome!).

The search includes names from the Kent & Allen list of British collectors, digitized by the BSBI. You can, alternatively, search only the Kent & Allen dataset.

If you still cannot identify the collector you're looking for, you can submit unrecognised handwriting specimens for feedback from other users of the site. These are added to our gallery of unknown handwriting.

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Gallery of Unknowns

Unrecognised handwriting specimens submitted by users of this website. If you can identify or make suggestions for any of these then please click on the image, and edit the notes field with your suggestion, or if you can make a positive identification then attach a collector's name to the handwriting sample.