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Taxon distribution checking tool

Attempts to cross-reference distribution data from the herb@home database with entries from the VCCC.

Cross-reference records from herbarium@home with the distribution reported in the BSBI's Vice-County Census Catalogue.

You can search either by county or by taxon name. The search should result in list of specimen records (identified by internal record number) that don't fit the distribution pattern expected according to the VCCC.

For searches by county you may also get a list of taxa which could not be checked. In most cases this is because no corresponding record could be found in the VCCC - probably a failure of the automated match system.

How to use these results

Unexpected records may be novel and previously undocumented occurrences, however the more likely case is that the recorded specimens have either been mis-transcribed in to the database or mis-identified.

  • If you spot faulty records then please edit them.
  • If you find interesting new records then please let us know, by posting on the message board.